10 Best Country Line Dance Songs

The 10 best country line dancing songs got the country up and dancing and keeps them boogieing to this day. From greats like Brooks and Dunn and Billy Ray Cyrus come the best country line dancing songs around.

  1. “Cotton Eyed Joe”. Sung by Isaac Payton Sweat, “Cotton Eyed Joe” is a line dance song that got the country bouncing from one leg to another and dropping in that old line dance standard move, the dosey-doe!
  2. “Trouble”. One of the best country line dancing songs “Trouble” by Travis Tritt inspired this country line dance T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Not a lot of moves in this dance, but like the song it sure is fast!
  3. “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”. Easily one of the best country line dancing songs, this tune by Brooks and Dunn is one of the most recognizable and popular line dance songs around. No partners needed for this one, just lots of heels and toes!
  4. “Achy Breaky Heart”. One of the most recognizable, quotable and best country line dancing songs, “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus is a four wall line dance that moves back and forth and side to side.
  5. “I like It I love It”. A great country tune by Tim McGraw is also one of the best country line dancing songs around. It’s a four wall line dance that’s a slow mix of kicks, steps and claps.
  6. "Watermelon Crawl”. One of the best country line dance songs around is the “Watermelon Crawl” by Tracy Byrd. Popular to do either by yourself or to have a partner in the line!
  7. “I Ain’t Livin’ Long Like This”. Set to one of the best line dancing songs around by Rodney Crowell, this song’s dance is called “Ain’t Livin’ Long” and is a dizzying line dance with many quick steps. Hold on tight, it’s hard to keep up!
  8. “Badly Bent”. A tune about money hardships, “Badly Bent” gets a lift from a fun fast paced line dance that twists and turns every which way!
  9. “Bobby Ann Mason”. Widely recognized as one of the best country line dance songs around, “Bobby Ann Mason” by Rick Trevino was a smash hit. The upbeat and whimsical tune gets country line dancers swarming the floor.
  10. “Party Crowd”. Released by David Lee Murphy, “Party Crowd” is one of the best tunes to get a party going. The rhythm is relatively slow making it a good song for beginners to dance to but it’s upbeat tempo and rollicking lyrics get everyone excited!



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