10 Best Country Love Songs of All Time

Here are 10 of the best country love songs of all time. Love is perhaps the greatest theme in country music, next to cowboys, and country music has consistently produced the greatest love songs in history. No other genre of music has even come close.

  1. "Lost In This Moment" – Big & Rich "Lost in this moment with you/I am completely consumed/My feeling's so absolute." This song was at the top of every love and wedding song list from practically the day it came out and has stayed there since.
  2. "Two Sparrows In A Hurricane" – Tanya Tucker "They've heard it's all uphill/But all they know is how they feel/The world says they'll never make it, love says they will." Tanya Tucker's song focuses on the strength of love and the relationship that can last, it rings a bell with everyone who wants their own love story.
  3. "We Danced" – Brad Paisley "Like no one else had ever danced before/ can't explain what happened on that floor/But the music played/We held each other close/And we danced/Yeah, we danced." The perfect first dance song at your wedding, and one of the most popular. 
  4. "What A Beautiful Day" – Chris Cagle "Day eighteen thousand two hundred and fifty-three/Well, honey that's fifty years/Yeah, here's to you and me" Cagle's song, like Tucker's, speaks to lasting love that creates relationships that seem like a dream in these days but are definitely something fighting for.
  5. "I Will Always Love You" – Dolly Parton "Oh I do wish you joy and I wish you happiness/But above all of this, I wish you love/I love you, I will always love you." Dolly Parton is hands down one of the Queens of country and has had countless love songs, but this one has always stood alone, not only among her songs but among all country songs for the passion that remains today.
  6. "She’s In Love With The Boy" – Trisha Yearwood "Mama breaks in and says, 'don't lose your temper/It wasn't very long ago/When you yourself was just a hay-seed plowboy/My daddy said you wasn't worth a lick/When it came to brains, you had the short end of the stick/But he was wrong and honey you are too/Katie looks at Tommy like I still look at you.'" A more upbeat, rather then slow and deep, love song and a classic. Yearwood's song speaks to every young girl's dreams.
  7. "Strawberry Wine" – Deana Carter "The fields have grown over now/Years since they've seen the plow/There's nothing time hasn't touched/Is it really him or the loss of my innocence/I've been missing so much,yeah/Like strawberry wine and seventeen/The hot July moon saw everything/ My first taste of love oh bittersweet." Not so much a happy love song, as one that reminds us of the joy and the pain of first love.  It might hurt but it is still one of the most important memories we have.
  8. "Unanswered Prayers" – Garth Brooks "And as she walked away and I looked at my wife/And then and there I thanked the good Lord/For the gifts in my life." Another classic that reminds us love isn't always where we think it is and that first love is not the only chance we have for happiness.
  9. "I’m Already There" – Lonestar "We may be a thousand miles apart/But I'll be with you wherever you are/I'm already there/Take a look around/I'm the sunshine in your hair/I'm the shadow on the ground/I'm the whisper in the wind/And I'll be there until the end/Can you feel the love that we share?" One of the greatest love songs ever sung hands down. Just listening to it is enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy and to dream about the kind of love they sing about.
  10. "Don’t Take The Girl" – Tim McGraw  "Take the heart from my chest/I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me/Make this my last request/Take me out of this world/God, please don't take the girl." The classic love story, boy meets girl, boy doesn't like girl, boy falls in love with girl and so on, McGraw's hit has lasted so long not only because of his powerful voice but because of the story in the song.
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