10 Best Country Love Songs By Women

Country music is the genre to look to for love songs, especially when sung by a woman, so here are the 10 best country love songs by women. Male country stars have good love songs, but they just don't do it like female country stars.

  1. "Breathe" by Faith Hill Faith Hill is known as one of the artists to look at for romantic country love songs. She's especially well known for her romantic duets with her husband, country star Tim McGraw. "Breathe" is a very good song to consider when looking for country love songs. 
  2. "Forever and for Always" by Shania Twain Shania Twain reigned supreme during the late 90's. "Forever and for Always" is one of her more romantic country love songs.
  3. "How Do I Live" by Trisha Yearwood "How Do I Live" was performed by two female country stars. Yearwood's version is better known, as it was featured in the popular movie, "Con Air."  Since the movie gained popularity, "How Do I Live" has become well known as a very romantic country love song.
  4. "No Place That Far" by Sara Evans Sara Evans is a popular female country singer. "No Place That Far" is a haunting country love song. Evans is also known for "Born to Fly" and "I Could Not Ask for More." 
  5. "Strawberry Wine" by Deana Carter A list of the best country love songs would not be complete without "Strawberry Wine." This song is probably Carter's best known song. It's a beautiful song about coming of age and that all too familiar first love.
  6. "Cowboy Take Me Away" by Dixie Chicks "Cowboy Take Me Away" is an untraditional country love song. This song was written as a wedding song when one of the band members got married.
  7. "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton "I Will Always Love You" usually brings thoughts of Whitney Houston. But a little known fact is that Dolly Parton also sings this amazing love song. Fans of country love songs will appreciate this addition to the best country love songs by women.
  8. "I Need You" by Leann Rimes Leann Rimes gained fast fame in the 90's. "I Need You" is known as one of her best country love songs.
  9. "Valentine" by Martina McBride Martina McBride is well known for her songs that evoke strong emotional responses. "Valentine" is her best country love song.
  10. "Love Story" by Taylor Swift Taylor Swift is quickly earning a reputation for her popular country love songs. "Love Story" is a modernized version of the traditional Romeo and Juliet story. It's catchy and will stay with you.
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