10 Best Country Music Song Titles 2010

The 10 best country music song titles 2010 happened to be the top country hits of 2010, period. Country artists really had it made this year. From spitfire Miranda Lambert to the more mellow Keith Urban, there’s a country music song title to tickle your ears from wherever you’re coming from.

  1. “Bullet in the Gun” by Toby Keith You can’t deny you listen to country music just to hear how you’re supposed to handle your guns. No pun intended, guys. This is a real gun Toby’s talking about.

  2. “This is Country Music” by Brad Paisley No kidding, Brad. You’re a country singer. You write country music. Therefore, there’s nothing more painfully obvious than a country song entitled, “This is Country Music.”

  3. “Time to Get a Gun” by Miranda Lambert Anyone who has been listening to Miranda Lambert for the past few years already knows she owns plenty of guns. But there’s always room in the gun cabinet for another gun, which makes this one of the best country music song titles 2010 for any guy trying to convince his significant other that she should get a gun.

  4. “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?” by Thompson Square Well, guys, answer the question. Are you going to kiss your woman?

  5. “Little Miss” by Sugarland This title, in addition to being one of the best country music song titles, is a little ironic, considering that “Miss Sugarland” herself towers above her other bandmates, no? But she is a skinny mini, so perhaps that’s what makes her qualified to sing a song with such a title.

  6. “Put You in a Song” by Keith Urban That sounds so sweet, doesn’t it? Of course, the title doesn’t give any hints as to whether the song is one about love or one about wanting to kick her out of the house.

  7. “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking?" by Blake Shelton You’ve probably wondered this about your girlfriend a time or two … or even three. So that makes it a pretty good country music song title, considering so many guys can relate to it.

  8. “Someone Else Calling You Baby” by Luke Bryan Closely akin to the Blake Shelton song above, if you’re wondering who your girl is when you’re not looking, perhaps there’s someone else calling her “baby.”

  9. “Smoke a Little Smoke” by Eric Church Evidently, this guy is responsible for littering the streets with half-smoked cigarettes because the only way he could possibly be capable of smoking only a little smoke is by not smoking the whole thing or cutting his cigs in half. So, it’s one of the best country music song titles 2010 for downright confusion.

  10. “What Do You Want?” by Jarrod Neiman You’re asking this question wherever you go. If somebody bothers you at work, this is your response. If your girlfriend starts whining about the plumbing, this is also your response. So Jarrod Neiman gets props for one of the best country music song titles 2010 by virtue of making a song representing men everywhere.

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