10 Best Country Rap Songs

Some may read about the 10 best country rap songs and think it's either an oxymoron or a joke. But, rap music has made inroads into nearly every style of music known to mankind–even country. Don't be surprised to hear more country rap in the future.

  1. "Inbred Evil" — Boondox — This Boondox is scary. He looks more like an Insane Clown Posse outcast than a country star. He's extremely unusual.
  2. "Country Rock and Rap" — The Disco Four — This is a rap that also samples banjo. But, it's certainly more rap than country. It's rap country, not country rap.
  3. "Country Rap" — Bellamy Brothers — This country rap song came out in 1987. Who would have guessed the Bellamy Brothers would be ahead of their time? But, this song is proof of that.
  4. '"Hillbilly Rap'" — Neal McCoy — In this one, Neal McCoy tries his hand at doing "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" (you know, The Beverly Hillbillies theme song), like an old school rapper, for better or worse.
  5. "Wayfaring Stranger" — Spearhead — With the help of Joan Osbourne, and the country musical backing, Spearhead truly sounds like a rapper that stumbled into a country music recording session.
  6. "Saddle Up Shawty" — Mikel Knight — The video for this song has a lot of half-dressed women. If CMT ever wants to attract the BET audience, this is a real fine place to start. Knight raps with a strong Southern accent, which helps it appeal to his redneck homies.
  7. "Off The Hillbilly Hook" –Trailer Choir — Although it sounds a little like rap, this song also sounds like the rapid fire delivery of a Charlie Daniels song. It's a fairly good bridge song, from the country genre to the hip-hop.
  8. "Dirt Road Anthem" — Jason Aldean — Why shouldn't Aldean incorporate rap? He already pretty much avoids true country, mostly settling for twang-rock, instead. Nevertheless, this track may severely test the patience of even casual country fans. 
  9. "Over and Over again" — Tim McGraw and Nelly — In this one, Nelly pimps Tim McGraw's ride with just a touch of rap. It's a nice song, more R&B than hip-hop, and should appeal to both black and white audiences.
  10. "I Play Chicken with the Train" — Cowboy Troy — This fun track got a lot of attention because of Cowboy Troy's association with Big & Rich. It also has a rocking guitar part, which holds out appeal for rocks, as well as country and rap folk.
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