10 Best Country Singers

Narrowing down the 10 best country singers is a very difficult task. Country is one of the longest-standing music genres. Country music is know to be a classic music genre, it is always popular are rarely changed. The performers who knew how to really please country music fans are the singers who are at the top of their class.

  1. Johnny Cash has been known both for his infamous talent and his personal life. However, no matter what scandals he may have had in his personal life he was always respected for his amazing talent. Cash was not only a singer, but also a songwriter, author and actor. He passed away September 12, 2003.
  2. Loretta Lynn, like Cash, was more than just a country singer. Lynn was also a songwriter, but she too was mostly known for incomparable country vocals. She had sixteen number one hits throughout the course of her career.
  3. Willie Nelson is one of the most controversial country singers around. He was always known and respected for his amazing ability to sing, write and perform country music. However, he was also known for being an author, poet, actor and activist. He also had quite a few hits that were not within the country genre.
  4. Dolly Parton is one of country music's biggest icons. She was famous for her amazing soprano voice that is extremely distinctive. She too also showed that she had talent within many fields. She also dipped her toes into being an actress, author, advocate and philanthropist. While she may not be performing as much as she once did, she still has not hung up her amazing dresses and big hair for good.
  5. George "King of Country" Strait; if that nickname doesn't say how highly respected George Strait is in the country community then perhaps nothing will. If you were to sit and listen to all 38 of Strait's albums then you would clearly understand why he is so famous. He can reach a wide variety of country fans because he sings all types of country songs, from western swing to honky-tonk to traditional country.
  6. Reba McEntire walked into the country world in the 1980s and is still producing hits on a regular basis. She has always been loved within the country community; it is like she grew right along with the country music genre. She has produced 25 country albums in her years, and does not show any signs of stopping any time soon.
  7. Garth Brooks is one of the few country artists who never delved into any career other than performing his beloved country songs for years. Brooks did not only sing but he also played the guitar, piano, saxophone and harmonica. It is said that he is one of country's favorite singers and performers of all time. He always knew how to put on a show! In 2009 Brooks decided to start performing in Vegas again.
  8. Shania Twain is a country artist that is not heard from too often these days, but she is a country singer that no one ever forgets. She started singing at a very young age and became a country superstar in 1993. She went from unknown in the United States to a superstar country icon. She has won five Grammy awards for her hit albums.
  9. Allan Jackson is one country singer who just can't lose him momentum no matter what. He has had over fifty singles that have been on Billboard's Top 30 Country Chart, and 25 of them went all the way to the top, reaching number one! He came into the country singer scene in 1989 and still has multiple singles that are reaching the top of the country charts.
  10. Lee Ann Womack did not start out as a country singer, but she was quickly compared to some of country's best singers, like Dolly Parton. Her music label labeled Womack as a contemporary singer, but country music quickly claimed her as a favorite singer. She became a pop superstar in 1997 and although she faded away a few times she is one of country's most influential singers.
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