10 Best Country Songs Of 2007

When one stops and considers the 10 best country songs of 2007, it is obvious that 2007 was a good year for country music. Artists like Miranda Lambert had breakout years, and guys like Brad Paisley released some of the best music of their careers. So let's talk a little bit more about 2007's standout songs. Many of them might even make it to a "best of the decade" list.

  1. “Letter To Me” – Brad Paisley. Brad Paisley imagines what he would say if you could only write a letter to himself at seventeen. It's an interesting thought. The things that seemed so big at the time, probably weren't so big. And other stuff that got brushed off probably should have been paid more attention.
  2. “In Color” – Jamey Johnson. When you see events on TV, all in their black and white glory, they sometimes seem a little unreal. With this song, Jamey Johnson uses this analogy to explain how much more impacting events are, when you're there in person to witness them.
  3. “Get Thee Behind Me Satan" Billy Joe Shaver.  Billy Joe Shaver is not shy about his Christianity. This song is one of his boldest statements. Country music has had a love/hate relationship with religion over the years. This is one of the more loving uses of it.
  4. “Famous In A Small Town” Miranda Lambert. Not everyone in country music came from a small town. Just don't tell anybody that because this song sort assumes everybody can relate to small town life. It also offers a great contrast to the sometimes ugly life in big towns.
  5. “Stay” – Sugarland. There are no big ideals discussed here. Instead, Sugarland is simply pleading for a relationship to stay together. There's little more soulful than a singer that is pleading.
  6. “High Cost Of Living” – Jamey Johnson. Jamey Johnson sings part of this song as a guy smoking pot in the parking lot of the Baptist church. It's obvious this character feels guilty. He knows what's right, but has a hard time doing the right thing.
  7. “If You’re Reading This”Tim McGraw. Forget about zombie movies. Tim McGraw sings this little ditty from heaven. He's looking down on the girl he left behind. I'll bet this is giving her the creeps.
  8. “Another Try” – Josh Turner. This fine, deep-voiced singer, treats love as a sort of deity. He hopes the love god will give him another chance to love. The guy sings so well, so please Mr. Love, give the boy another try.
  9. “Back In My Drinkin’ Days” – Bobby Pinson. There are probably a million pro-drinking songs in country music. This one, however, celebrates sobriety. It's sung convincingly, too.
  10. “This is Me You’re Talking To” – Trisha Yearwood. When Trisha Yearwood speaks to you, you better listen. Do you think she talks to Garth Brooks this way? She probably doesn't.



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