10 Best Country Songs About Dads

Few subjects are covered as extensively in country music as fathers, so here's the top picks for the 10 best country songs about Dads. These songs, from some of country music’s top artists, illustrate the strength, wisdom, and enduring qualities of fatherhood. Whether told from the point of view of becoming a father, or reminiscing over childhood memories, these songs honor all things Dad.

  1. "Mr. Mom" Lonestar (2004) Dads are talented guys, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to take on Mom’s duties. This comical take on parental role reversal resonates with many guys who have taken on the duties of being Mr. Mom, even if only for a little while. No best country songs about Dad list would be complete without it.
  2. "Song for Dad" Keith Urban (2002) There’s nothing quite like realizing as an adult how much you sound like your parents. It’s a common theme in many songs that didn’t make the best country songs about dads list. Whether scolding a young child or taking a zero tolerance approach with teens, it’s not uncommon to hear your own father’s words coming out of your mouth.
  3. "It Won’t Be Like This for Long" Darius Rucker (2008) Being a dad is hard. Late night feedings, fear of a new school, these are all hard things to cope with as a parent. But looking back, you learn to appreciate and miss phases in your child’s life. As part of the best country songs about dads list, this song exemplifies what it means to be Dad.
  4. "Love Without End Amen" George Straight (1991) George takes and interesting look back on his childhood and his relationship with his father. Even the sometimes-harsh punishments doled out in youth are a sign of a father’s love.
  5. "The Greatest Man I Never Knew" Reba McIntire (1993) Growing up, fathers are often too involved in caring for the needs of their families for children to get to know them. It not until later in life that we really begin to understand why, so Reba’s tribute simply had to make the best country songs about dads list.
  6. "Drive (for Daddy Gene)" Alan Jackson (2002) A plywood boat, an old worn out Jeep, a father letting their child drive brings about imaginary play, not to mention wonderful childhood memories. Those memories can be passed down through recreating our best childhood memories for our own children. In fact, this was one of the first songs to make it to the list candidates for best country songs about dads.
  7. "Daddy’s Hands" Holly Dunn (2000) A young girl’s memories of her father are tied to his hands. They offered comfort, encouragement, and discipline when needed. Most importantly, they offer the love of a father.
  8. "You Can Let Go Now Daddy" Crystal Shawanda (2008) Girls are a tough one for most fathers. It’s hard to let go of a little girl when she’s all grown up.
  9. "Leader Of The Band" Dan Fogelberg (1981) A father’s talent and life philosophies shine through to his son. The father may be growing old, but his memory will live on. While perhaps not a traditional country song, it’s heard on country radio stations across the country. That’s why you’ll find it here on our list of best country songs about dads.
  10. "I Loved Her First" Heartland (2006) A favorite for father-daughter wedding dances, no best country songs about dads list would be complete without it. Few fathers with young girls would have trouble relating to this song. One of the most painful things a father can experience is another man whisking his daughter away and leaving Dad behind.
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