10 Best Country Songs About Flying

One has to wonder about the 10 best country songs about flying. After all, does anyone really want a hillbilly flying their plane? All kidding aside, there are actually more country songs about flying than you may imagine. Below are the best.

  1. John Denver "Fly Away" — Okay, no jokes about John Denver dying while flying an experimental plane! Actually, this song came long before that — obviously, as dead guys can't record hit records. This was during the man's heyday back in the '70s.
  2. Merle Haggard "Silver Wings Born To Fly" – This sad song about watching a loved one fly away will make you cry. Instead of being afraid of flying, such events might make you weep, instead. Oh, and Haggard simply sings the snot out of it.
  3. Sara Evans "Born to Fly" – Any song that alludes to Wizard Of Oz almost has to be good. It's a happy, fun song about looking forward to the future. It's the good kind of flying.
  4. Alan Jackson "Sissy's Song" — This is a song about a girl that dies too young. It's not a sad as it could be because Alan Jackson is sure she's in heaven. Now that's a flight we all want to take.
  5. Neil Young "Flying On The Ground Is Wrong" – Technically, Neil Young isn't a country artist. But he's recorded more than enough country leaning material to count. Flying on the ground is not just wrong, by the way. It's also impossible.
  6. Tim McGraw "Last Dollar (Fly Away)" — Tim McGraw is so good at singing songs about the shortness of life. He also can sing about nearly being broke, as he does here. This song would be higher on the list if it wasn't for the "Ha Ha Ha" in the chorus. Unforgivable. 
  7. Aaron Tippin" Where The Stars & Stripes & The Eagle Fly"– Aaron Tippin's patriotic song talks about the flight of eagles and flags. Patriotism always flies well with country music folk.
  8. Mary Chapin Carpenter "Why Walk When You Can Fly" – With this song, Mary Chapin Carpenter applies a sort of black gospel arrangement to these words of hope. She writes great songs, and this one is just one of many.
  9. Willie Nelson "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground" — Nobody phrases a song better than Willie Nelson. Well, Nelson and Frank Sinatra. But because old Frank has since passed on, Nelson gets the crown. This is also one of his best.
  10. John Denver "Leavin' On A Jet Plane" — It only makes sense to begin and end this list with a John Denver song. Yes, Peter, Paul & Mary had the big folk hit. But Denver wrote it, which gives him a whole lot of credit.
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