10 Best Country Songs About Friendship

What better way to tell your friends they care than playing them one of the 10 best country songs about friendship. Your friends are the family you choose for yourself, and they should be the kind of people that will drop everything to be there for you. So many movies have detailed the bromance relationship between friends and how important that is. Everyone needs a friend they can count on.

  1. “Whiskey for my Men, Beer for my Horses” (Toby Keith and Willie Nelson) – After a long hard ride chasing down criminals, a group of rangers can do only one thing; drink whiskey and get their horses some beer. This country song is all about the beer o’clock time of washing down a hard day’s work with your friends. Look for it on Toby Keith’s “Unleashed” album from 2002.
  2. “Young” (Kenny Chesney) – Memories of the old times when you and your friends ran around wild, naïve and young are revisited in this timeless song by Kenny Chesney. The country song about friendship has been recently re-released on Kenny Chesney’s "Greatest Hits" album for 2010.
  3. “Friends in low Places” (Garth Brooks) – A song from Garth Brooks' second album back in 1990, this song was a hit single that talked about friends being where the whiskey runs and how beer chases the blues away.
  4. “Good Friends and a Glass of Wine” (LeAnn Rimes) – After a hard day with the world on your shoulders, sometimes you just have to let it all out on your friends; that’s what this song is all about. This was released in 2007 as part of her “Family” album.
  5. “Me and My Gang” (Rascal Flatts) – If you were a country singer who wanted to dedicate a song to your friends, this is how you would do it. Rascal Flatts had a lot of hits off their “Me and My Gang” album from 2006.
  6. “These are my People” (Rodney Atkins) – Brought to you on his “If You’re Going Through Hell” album of 2006, Rodney Atkins tells it like it is with this song. If you want to know about his people, the way his friends are, then this is the song to listen to. It is all about pride in the friends you have.
  7. “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” (Tracy Lawrence, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw) – This magical trio pulled their talents together to create a song for Tracy Lawrence's 2007 album, “For the Love.” This song details what friends ought to do for one another, good friends, anyway.
  8. “My Sister, My Friend” (Reba) – Though the song is more directed at females, the lyrics are a mellow look at someone who remembers the good times of the past, the good times with their friends. You can find the song on Reba’s “Room to Breathe” album from 2003.
  9. “My Best Friend” (Tim McGraw) – On Tim McGraw’s "Greatest Hits" CD of 2000, you can find this song he wrote for his wife. What better way to tell your best friend how much you care, than by writing a song about how much they mean to you?
  10. “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” (Randy Newman) – This unique country song written as the theme song for 2005’s Disney/Pixar film “Toy Story” gained international acclaim for a perfect friends song. Similar to “Lean on Me,” the lyrics detail what you will do for your friends.
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