10 Best Crash Movies

Crashes in movies can add to their awesomeness so why not learn about 10 best crash movies so you'll know which movie to choose the next time you're ready for some crash action? These 10 best crash movies are in no particular order although there are some that are better than others, which will be noted. Have fun looking over the 10 best crash movies and maybe you'll find one you haven't seen yet.

  1. "Premonition" This 2007 movie stars Sandra Bullock about a woman who keeps seeing her husband's death. It has some tense moments and includes a fiery explosion.
  2. "The Descent" "The Descent" is a 2005 horror movie that starts off with a bang. If you want to see someone impaled on an iron rods then this is the movie for you. The rest of the movie is awesome as well so it's highly recommended.
  3. "Final destination 2" The second installment of the "Final Destination" franchise has one of the best car crash scenes ever, if not the best. What makes this one so good is that there are multiple crashes including cars, semi trucks and a motorcycle. It also has explosions and a giant tree cutting off someone's head.
  4. "Final Destination" The first "Final Destination" movie has less of a crash and more of a shocking hit by a bus near the end. It is one of the first movies that employed the unexpected hitting of someone by a bus; you never see it coming.
  5. "Death Proof" "Death Proof" is really close to being my favorite right next to Final Destination 2 when it comes to best crash movies. In this movie you get to see multiple shots of each person in the crash as they die. There is a limb being torn off and a face shared off by a moving tire. You really can't top this one.
  6. "Bad Boys II" "Bad Boys II" has tons of crashes involving a Hummer 2. It's kind of unrealistic but it's fun and that's what counts.
  7. "Mad Max" In this particular car crash scene involving a semi truck and a motorcycle is not the crash itself but the way the victim's eyeballs pop out when he sees what is going to happen to him.
  8. "Dawn of the Dead" The "Dawn of the Dead" remake in 2004 has another scene similar to Final Destination where we are focusing on the man holding a gun on Ana and gets hit by an ambulance out of nowhere.
  9. "Zombieland" "Zombieland" gave us all rules to survive the zombie apocalypse and one of those rules was to always wear your seatbelt. In this scene, a woman escapes the zombies only to get into a car crash and go flying out of the windshield, sliding across the pavement.
  10. "Adaption" Another example of the "without warning" type of crash. This one is so realistic that it's almost disturbing to watch. One minute everyone is talking and smiling and the next minute they're plowed into by a truck.

These are just a sample of the 10 best crash movies and there are many more that can be mentioned. If you really want some awesome depictions of car crashes do a search for the "texting while driving car crashes" video and if you can't find that, these should really fulfill your desire to see some of the best crash movies.

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