10 Best Crime Partners Movies

If conspiracy, torrid affairs and gratuitous violence are your cup of tea, the 10 best crime partners movies are perfect for you. Here are the 10 best crime partners movies.

  1. “Double Indemnity” In this 1944 American masterpiece, Fred MacMurray portrays Walter Neff, an insurance sales representative lured into a beguiling female client’s plot to murder her husband. These crime partners lead viewers on an exhilarating journey through affairs, murder, betrayal and ultimate redemption.
  2. “Reservoir Dogs” Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, this violent 1992 crime drama stars Harvey Keitel as one of six strangers who team up for a jewel heist. “Reservoir Dogs” is replete with Tarantino’s staples of clever dialogue, quirky characters and foul-mouthed lawbreakers. While an intelligent script contributes to the magnificence of this film, the actors are the ones who truly shine.
  3. “Diabolique (a.k.a. Les Diaboliques)” This 1955 French film focuses on crime partners Nicole Horner and Christina Delassalle, the mistress and wife of abusive boarding school owner Michael Delassalle who tire of his abuse and conspire to murder him. A series of twists follow, leaving the viewer stunned, yet satisfied due to the quality writing and brilliant performances. This film inspired a less captivating 1996 remake of the same name starring Sharon Stone.
  4. “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” This 1969 classic stars film icons Robert Redford and Paul Newman in the title roles. Set in late nineteenth century Wyoming, the film follows the escapades of two bank robbers and their gang. One notable difference between “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and other crime partner films is the viewer’s tendency to find the characters likable and not beyond redemption.
  5. BadlandsMartin Sheen and Sissy Spacek are crime partners in this 1973 film written and directed by Terrence Malick. Sheen portrays a disturbed man in his twenties who seduces a teenage Spacek’s character into going on a crime spree with him across the American Midwest. This film effectively shows the indifference for human life commonly displayed by sociopaths and psychopaths.
  6. “In Cold Blood” Based on Truman Capote’s book of the same title, this 1967 best crime partners flick stars Robert Blake and Scott Wilson as ex-convicts who plan a robbery gone wrong. The movie relates the true story of the Clutter family murders in rural Kansas and the ensuing capture, interrogation and sentencing of the assailants. “In Cold Blood” is an austere commentary on the cyclical effects of poverty and abuse.
  7. “Bonnie and Clyde” One of the most notorious crime duos in American history, bank robbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are masterfully portrayed by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty in this 1967 classic. “Bonnie and Clyde” was a pioneer for movies that depict the unrepentant violence and mystifying worship of pleasure criminals.
  8. “Ocean’s Eleven” This 2001 blockbuster with an all-star cast, including George Clooney and Brad Pitt, tells the story of eleven men who plot to rob Las Vegas casinos. A remake of the 1960 film of the same title, “Ocean’s Eleven” has an ideal blend of action, drama, comedy and romance.
  9. “Thieves Like Us” Keith Carradine stars in this 1974 Robert Altman film about three bank-robbing partners in the 1930's. Carradine’s character displays heart and remorse in the film, but is too caught up in his life of crime to reform.
  10. “Natural Born Killers” When compiling a catalog of movies related to best crime partners, you can’t leave out the ultra violent and controversial 1994 flick “Natural Born Killers.” Directed by Oliver Stone and based on a story by Quentin Tarantino, the movie stars Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis as lovers and serial killers who become media darlings. This uncomfortable film makes you evaluate your fascination with serial killers and exposes the media’s propensity for elevating the story of the killer over the pain of the victims.
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