10 Best Crying Scenes In Movies

The 10 best crying scenes in movies are not for the faint of heart. These scenes can move even the most masculine of men. Not every scene in this compilation is tragic, but all of them are highly effective, emotionally charged, and quite climactic. The list below provides the titles of films that contain the very best crying scenes in cinema.

  1. “Forrest Gump” After losing the love of his life, Forrest (played by Tom Hanks), takes flowers to her grave in this final scene of the movie. His heartfelt, innocent speech and free flowing tears make this one of the best crying scenes in movies. Men and women both can appreciate the film and will be moved at the very end.
  2. “Precious” Mo'Nique won best supporting actress in part because of her crying scene at the very end of this movie. As a horribly abusive and terrible mother, the audience hates her character until she shows viewers an emotional glimpse of her humanity during this last scene.
  3. “The Shining In this horror thriller, Shelly Duvall’s character begins crying over Jack Nicholson’s growing insanity. The scene with her crying and waving the baseball bat frantically in front of her is one of the best crying scenes in movies.
  4. Seven” In another dark flick, Brad Pitt’s character delivers this crying scene at the very riveting conclusion of the film. Repeating over and over, “What’s in the box?” he cries when he realizes that the box’s contents contain his very worst fear.
  5. “A Streetcar Named Desire” Marlon Brando’s classic “Stella!” scream is one of the most memorable lines in film history. Brando’s character breaks down crying until Stella finally comes out and appeases him. Ever the alpha male, Brando doesn’t just sit there crying, but carries her off into the bedroom.
  6. “Changeling” In this film set in the 1920s, Angelina Jolie plays a mother fighting to get her son back after he suddenly disappears. In a climactic scene, she begins crying for answers when she realizes that the police are covering up his disappearance. Her crying scene is one of the best of recently released movies.
  7. “Magnolia” Tom Cruise plays a despicable womanizing character, who finally faces the tragedy in his life near the end of the film. His breakdown is pretty epic and definitely is one the best crying scenes in movies. Cruise doesn’t just express sorrow, but also exhibits rage, hate, and confusion throughout the crying scene.
  8. “American Beauty” Chris Cooper delivers this best crying scene near the end of the film. As a strict military father, viewers finally see him breakdown and reveal a huge secret he has kept hidden for years. His crying scene is extremely moving, and it leads up to the film’s dramatic conclusion.
  9. “Gone with the Wind” The finale of this classic movie is very tear-filled as Vivien Leigh’s character endures rejection from Rhett Butler (played by Clark Gable). Her final tear-soaked speech makes for one of the best crying scenes in movies.
  10. “Mystic River” Sean Penn delivers one of his best displays of sorrow in this film when his character discovers that a family member close to him has tragically died. His breakdown is gut wrenching and believable, making it one of the best crying scenes in movies.
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