10 Best Cyclocross Bikes

The 10 best Cyclocross bikes list will help when making your decision when shopping for that new bike. There are many choices, but each has unique features depending on your level, riding needs, and environment. These cyclocross bikes surpass others on the market and provide an elite riding experience.  Before heading out to make your purchase, you will want to do your research and narrow your search down to a few.  Go in to a store and try one out.  You can always comparison shop after.  Once you know what you are looking for, you can use the internet to find the best prices as well.

  1. Surly Cross Check Complete:  Made of 4130 cromoly steel, this is one of the best cyclocross bikes on the market. It made to ride as a single-speed or as a fixie – whichever the rider is more comfortable with. This is a reliable and durable bike, not to be ignored when searching for the ideal cyclocross bike.
  2. Bianchi Axis: A well-known and reliable brand matches the quality of the bike. This is a great choice among the best cycloscross bikes. It offers an aluminum frame with butted tubing – along with an excellent rating amongst buyers.
  3. Bianchi Cross Concept: This cyclocross bike offers a carbon monocoque cyclo-cross frame. In addition, it offers the rider 10 speeds for the intense cyclocross biking experience. A well-rated bike to be taken seriously when cyclocross bike shopping.
  4. BMC Cross Machine CX01: Made to endure over 4 hours of riding, this bike is up for a long lasting ride. The bike handles well in all conditions, whether it be weather or terrain. It truly is one of the 10 best cyclocross bikes on the market.
  5. Bianchi C2C Via Nirone 7: This is a top-tier bicycle that looks and rides beautifully. With a hydraformed aluminum frame, the bike rides like no other.  The design also reduces road impacts to provide the rider with an optimal riding experience.
  6. Fuji Cross Comp: Great for a rider new to cyclocrossing. With an aluminum frame and Shimnano 105 components, this is a bike that provides a smooth experience for those entry-level riders. This is most definitely a top 10 contendor for cyclocross bicycles.
  7. Fuji Cross RC: This is a new 2010 bicycle, known for the aerodynamic and ergonimic design. It also has a convenient flat top tube, created to make it smoother for the rider to carry it upon their shoulders. Although quite expensive, this bike is definitely worth the price.
  8. Lemond Poprad: Ideal bike for both urban and rural riding. It offers a comfortable, stable, and smooth ride that can handle any terrain. This top 10 cyclocross bike is also easy for the rider to carry.
  9. Masi CXR: With a light aluminum frame and responsive carbon fork, this bicycle can handle any trail, weather, and race. It can even handle dirt, mud, grime – no environment can disrupt your ride on this bicycle. One of the 10 best cyclocross bicycles made, a definite must when you are looking for that new cyclocross bike.
  10. Norco CCX2: Affordable with a light cross frame, this bike offers a smooth ride within a reasonable budget. It also offers 18 speeds to choose from, so you're ride can be precise while you're crossing over different terrain. A must-have for that cyclocross biker with a budget.
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