10 Best Dallas Biker Bars

The ten best Dallas biker bars are a combination of gritty digs and relaxing atmospheres. If you want biker bars in Dallas, then be prepared for the unexpected. Biker bars can be some rough venues so you had better watch your step. Biker bars can also be some great places for good grub and relaxation. Pick your poison in these Dallas biker bars. These ten best Dallas biker bars are quality outfits. These biker bars attract some badass characters. So, look over the list if these ten best Dallas biker bars and start your journey at the top.

The ten best Dallas biker bars are:

  1. Reno’s Chop Shop and Saloon: This local offers some damn good eats and a wide-open bar. Great company is offered at Reno’s with some old school rock and roll to accompany your good times. This is a great biker bar with all the extras. Reno’s Chop Shop and Saloon: 210 Crowdus Road Dallas, TX. 214-744-1202
  2. Muddy Waters: This is a local favorite with the biker crowd. Rowdy times and great music intermingle with some good brew to throw back. Pull up a stool and relax in the atmosphere, they make everyone feel welcomed. Muddy Waters: 4114 Live Oak Road Dallas TX. 75226 214-823-1518
  3. Elm Street Bar: Yes, you read right. Elm Street Bar is a great biker hangout. This location offers pool, darts, women and of course, plenty to drink. This is a great bar that has a fun atmosphere with a super staff. Elm Street Bar: 2318 Elm Street Dallas TX. 75226 214-653-1668
  4. Stroker’s Icehouse Bar and Grill: This is the idea biker bar. It is situated next to a bike shop, holds plenty of beer and has a bikini night. The music and crowd is great as well. This is a stop and play location. Stroker’s Icehouse Bar and Grill: 9403 Harry Hine Boulevard Dallas, TX. 75235 214-351-5252
  5. Big D Gypsy Clubhouse: Everything is bigger in Texas. You’ve heard that before, and Big D fits the description. Fantastic eats, drinks and company. This bar is a kick in the pants, one you won’t want to pass up. Big D Gypsy Clubhouse: 3642 Samuell Boulevard Dallas, TX. 214-823-6299
  6. Blue Goose Cantina: This is a prized waterhole for bikers. Check your attitude in the parking lot. This is a no BS zone. This cantina is reserved for serious drinkers and fun seekers. Blue Goose Cantina: 2909 Greenville Avenue Dallas, TX. 214-823-8339
  7. J Pepe’s Tex Mex: This establishment offers great drinks and superb food. It is an awesome place to kick back and enjoy a cold one. A super staff and great crowd gives you a definite experience you need to explore. J Pepe’s Tex Mex: 3619 Greenville Avenue Dallas, TX. 214-821-6431
  8. Snuffers Restaurant and Bar: This place has some fantastic food and great drink selection. Snuffers offer dining facility along with a stocked bar. It has a friendly staff and is situated in a prime location. Good times are to be had by all. Snuffers Restaurant and Bar: 3526 Greenville Avenue Dallas, TX. 214-826-6850
  9. TexasTrap: Don’t let the name scare you. You will want to be trapped in this Texan saloon. Great drinks are offered up by a fun staff. Great music spins all night, and the food isn’t half bad either. Texas Trap: 1154 Peavy Road Dallas, TX. 214-321-7516
  10. Boar’s Breadth Bar and Grill: Fantastic comes to mind when describing this bar. This place has fantastic food, fantastic drinks and a fantastic staff. You get the picture, make the rounds and be sure to hit this joint on the way out. Boar’s Breadth Bar and Grill: 2115 W Lovers Lane Dallas, TX. 214-634-2192
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