10 Best Dance Hall Songs

Finding the 10 best dance hall songs was a difficult task because there are so many that are good. The self-expression of dance hall music is based on the person’s reality of life in Jamaica. Here is a list of the best dance hall songs:

  1. “Dutty Rock” by Sean Paul  "Dutty Rock" is Jamaican slang for "Dirty Rock," this song is about what Sean is observing people are doing while in the dance hall. This song is popular because of its amazing lyrics that people can relate to when they are out at the dance hall having fun. People enjoy listening to music that is fast, fun and sexy that is why this song makes the list of the ten best dance hall songs.
  2. “Chat to Mi Back” by Lady Saw Known as the first lady of Dance Hall Music, this woman knows how to get the women on the dance floor which causes a chain reaction with the men. This song has some powerful lyrics that women love to hear mentioned to help them in getting back in touch with themselves.
  3. “Who Dem” by Capleton As always, Capleton is using his lyrics to express his own social issues. This song reaches out to the young audience because they are willing to acknowledge what is going on in their society. When listening to this song you actually get a feel for of what Capleton is singing about though you may not be going through the situation yourself.
  4. “Better than Dem” by Natasaja featuring Beenie Man Natasaja is one of the few non Jamaican born dancehall singers that was actually making great strides in her career.  She died too soon, but her song "Better Than Dem" will live on for many years to come. Natasaja is singing about how she interacts with men and how they make her feel.
  5. “Private Party” by Sean Paul This song is one of his hottest songs released under the Platinum Dancehall Mix CD. This song has everyone rushing to dance as Paul is singing about how he treats the women he meets. This song is so hot that it packs the dance floor every time.
  6. “Hot Like We” by Cecile This is one of the sexiest songs out by a female artist doing dance hall music. Cecile is talking about her sugar daddy that will do anything to make her happy. She is letting everyone know that she does not care about what people think of her relationship and she happily describes what it takes to keep her man satisfied.
  7. “What I'm Gonna Do by Bugle In this song Bugle is singing about how depressing his life is and his daily struggles. This song describes the reasons people in the streets are hustling drugs and robbing each other. Bugle will have you on the dance floor dancing like never before off this song because everyone can relate to life’s struggles.
  8. “Come Around” by Collie Budz  Budz is singing about the yearning for herbs is drying up because there is nowhere to grow it and so people have turned to crack and cocaine which is destroying people’s lives. In this song herb is described as a good drug to use because it does no harm to anyone. As Budz is singing people listening to it will love the beat along with the lyrics making it impossible not to want to hit the dance floor.
  9. “Signal De Plane” by Elephant Man This song is about how people are calling out for help and ready to flee from the “man” who is trying to keep them from getting to their destination. As people are on the dance floor enjoying the music they too can feel the flight and fight in this song. Elephant Man lets you enjoy the music but still keeps it real.
  10. “My Heart” by Wayne Marshall Wayne is singing about how he me the love of his life. Later in the song he finds out that, she is cheating on him with another man and now his heart is broken. This songs music is so intense that you will love dancing as close as possible to someone to turn up the heat in the song.
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