10 Best Dance Nightclubs In Pennsylvania

Whether you are a college student fresh out a high school or a career-minded person, you are sure to enjoy a night out at one the 10 best dance nightclubs in Pennsylvania. Whether you are looking for a hip hop, techno or Latin based club, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in this historical city.

  1. Shampoo Nightclub While this top pick on the list of the ten best dance nightclubs in Philadelphia has only been open about a year, it has definitely topped all other nightclubs in the area because it attracts a diverse group of people. You are sure to enjoy the diverse events each night of the week. Find your fix at Shampoo Nightclub. The Shampoo Nightclub: 417 N. Eighth St. Philadelphia, PA 19123. (215) 922-7500
  2. The Roxxy This is definitely one of the best dance nightclubs in Philadelphia because they offer surprises no one else does. Enjoy admission for seventeen and up on Friday nights and a special 21 and up event on Saturdays. The whole crowd is sure to be pleased when they visit The Roxxy. The Roxxy: 939 Delaware St. Philadelphia, PA 19123. (215) 931-0101
  3. Club Flow This pick is sure to have you dancing all night to their different themed nights. The dance floor is huge with plenty of space for anyone to drink and dance the night away. Club Flow: 700 N. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19123. (215) 629-3569
  4. Level Luxe Lounge This great pick of the ten best dance nightclubs in Philadelphia is sure to have you sipping the night away in their vibrant atmosphere. With multi-level dance floors and plenty of bars to meet your standards, this is one of the best places to party in Philly. Level Luxe Lounge: 2102 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19103. (484) 716-3190
  5. Club 27 This is one of the most prestigious places to party and stay within your budget. Here you can always enjoy a free admission on Fridays no matter who you are, along with fun Twisted Thursdays and Sexy Saturdays. Club 27: 27 S. Bank St. Philadelphia, PA 19106. (215) 922-3020
  6. Samba Night Club This is one of the most perfect Latin based dance nightclubs in Philly. Enjoy you nights moving to Bachata, Reggaeton and Salsa with mixes of hip hop to add in the fun times. Samba Night Club: 714 Girard Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19101. (215) 625-7900   
  7. XO Lounge This is one of the sexiest dance nightclubs in Philly and is sure to keep you on your feet no matter how old you are. This is the perfect after hours lounge fit for anyone and it's guaranteed to complete your party any night of the week. XO Lounge: 1439 South St. Philadelphia, PA 19145. (215) 735-2220
  8. 69 Lounge With the suggestive name, this pick of the ten best dance nightclubs in Philadelphia is sure to help you meet any sexy single you have been searching for.  With adult entertainment intertwined with a nightclub, this location is sure to be your new favorite place. 69 Lounge: 7049 Terminal Sq. Philadelphia, PA 19082. (267) 202-1960
  9. Glam Restaurant & Lounge This nightclub has a unique factor which makes it stand out. You can come enjoy a night on the town here, while also enjoying a nice dinner before you get too drunk to dance anymore. Enjoy every bit of this warm atmosphere. Glam Restaurant & Lounge: 52 S. Second St. Philadelphia, PA 19106. (267) 671-0840
  10. Upper Deck Nightclub This is the perfect nightclub for any of you making a good amount of money and want to relax with the classiest cats in Philly. Enjoy your night here with top shelf liquors and plenty of music and atmosphere to keep you moving all night. Upper Deck Nightclub: 5708 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19144. (215) 848-0835
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