10 Best Dance Scenes From Movies

The ten best dance scenes from movies include a variety of film sequences from decades worth of film and dance. The popularity of musicals waxes and wanes with the tastes of generations, but some dance scenes are for the ages. While some people may call you on comments, claiming that the reference dates you (or them), the famous dance scenes don't date anyone. Classic dance is classic dance for the ages. Anyone not recognizing these best dance scenes from movies needs to grab a DVD player and get to viewing. 

  1. "Swing Time" with Fred and Ginger in 1936. A dance studios offers the perfect venue for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to hoof it in all kinds of swing dances. This dancing pair is the "Fred and Ginger" that all other dance couples want to emulate. He dances and she dances backward and in a dress with high heels; hardly a comparable job, but the results are dance inspiring. 
  2. "The Little Colonel" with Bojangles and Shirley in 1935. Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Shirley Temple take a tap dancing walk on the staircase in this classic film. Oh, yeah, they also sing! This dance scene tops many lists for the best dance scene from movies. 
  3. "Singing in the Rain" with Gene Kelly in 1952. This is the signature song of the film. Despite the fact Kelly was sick with the flu, he sucked it up and did a zillion takes to produce this classic dance scene. He's by himself, the rain is falling, but he's having a great time splashing like a kid in the gutters of the film studio flooded with the rain. "Do-de-doot–do-do."
  4. "West Side Story" in 1961. Although this film features numerous dance sequences, the dance between the Sharks and their crosstown rivals makes the best dance scene list. The stylized dance moves gave inspiration to Michael Jackson in his "Thriller" short. 
  5. "Saturday Night Fever" released in 1977.  John Travolta's white suit and polyester duds make the best film dance scenes in too many numbers to count in this dance film classic. Music by the Bee Gees help power the movements. 
  6. "Flashdance" dance done to the tune "She's a Maniac" in 1983. The ladies also deliver classic film dance scenes. Jennifer Beals and her dance double Marine Jahan dance like maniacs in this film. 
  7. "Footloose" with Kevin Bacon in 1984. Kenny Loggins' tune sets the beat for this famous dance scene where the kids take over the town of prude opposed to dancing. Hard to believe in this day and age that anyone would ban dancing, but the dance scene and the film are purportedly based on a true story.
  8. "A Chorus Line" featuring the tune "One" played in the film's finale in 1985. This best dance scene is featured in the posters for the musical and brings out the cast to dance and to sing. It's a classic; top hats and all. 
  9. "Grease" malt shop dance in the 1978 film. The film is set in the 1950's and this dance sequence allows the actors to rock out all over the tables, chairs and floor of the malt shop. Check out Kelly Ward, the blond with the duck tail, for a lesson in swing!
  10. The rare dances of the Step Brothers where you can find them captured on film. The brothers weren't actually related but took the name to show solidarity in dance. The original members were Maceo Anderson, Al Williams and Red Walker. Sherman Robertson was added in 1927. These brothers can dance and were the inspiration for many a dancer after the 1920's!
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