10 Best Dance Songs To Run To

Choosing your running music can be quite difficult, as the music you listen to determines how fast you run during your workout, so here is a list of the 10 best dance songs to run to. The majority of the people that enjoy jogging or running, like to listen to music while they run.

  1. "Temperature." Sean Paul sings the song "Temperature," and it seems that he had people working out in mind when he laid down the beats. This song will encourage you to run the extra mile.  
  2. "Lose Yourself." Eminem performs the song "Lose yourself" in a way that will push you to keep working towards you goal. Want to run further today? Put "Lose Yourself" on your MP3 player, and you probably will. 
  3. "Miss Independent." Kelly Clarkson sings the song "Miss Independent" to encourage women all over to be more independent, I bet she never thought that it would help people jog at a consistent pace.  
  4. "U + UR Hand." P!nk sings the song "U + UR Hand" at a perfect jogging pace. The song will make you feel empowered while running, or dancing at that. Try putting more songs by P!nk on your MP3 player while jogging.
  5. "Shut Up and Let Me Go." The band, "Ting Tings" sing the song "Shut up and Let me Go." The song makes people in clubs everywhere dance around for long periods of time, why wouldn't it help you run a little longer during your jogging time? 
  6. "The Hand that Feeds." Nine Inch Nails perform the song "The hand that Feeds" to make people bang their heads in alternative night clubs, now you can embrace that energy while jogging by putting the song on your MP3 player. 
  7. "Harder, Faster, Stronger." Kanye West made a mix of this song that was originally written as a famous techno song. Kanye West mixed the song so it would be more popular in main stream night and dance clubs, and it just so happens to be a great jogging song as well.   
  8. "Ass Like That." Eminem wrote this song to make people jump up on dance floors, but we have come to find out that the song also makes you want to jump up and run like crazy. This song makes you want to laugh you butt off, while running it off.  
  9. "Pon de Replay." Rihanna sings this catchy dance song that has been popular in dance clubs since its release. The beat in the song Pon de Replay makes for a perfect jogging pace for desired calorie burning. 
  10. "I Like the Way You Move." Outkast wrote the song "I love the way you move" as a main stream dance song, not even taking into consideration that it makes you want to put on your jogging shoes and move right out the door. 
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