10 Best Dancehall Songs

If you are looking for the ten best dancehall songs of all time, you've stumbled upon the right article! This article will take you through the ten best dancehall songs voted by various users around the web. Dancehall music has a great reggae sound that's unique, great for dancing and having a chill time with friends. Many clubs have underground DJs that spin dancehall music, but if you want it for your own party or just need a good dancehall tune to request, this article will provide it. Enjoy!

  1. Jah Cure ft. Rick Ross & Mavado – "Like I See It." This is a great dancehall song that has a great vibe and great beats to match the mood of the song. It's always a favorite in clubs and it's great to dance to.
  2. G Whizz – "Whether or Day Video." Get ready to dance the night away with this dancehall track. It's a favorite among all dancehall fans, and it's fairly new to the scene.
  3. Busy Signal – "Gal Bounce." This is a great song to get a girl out on the floor and wanting to move. The smooth lyrics and beat give this track an awesome vibe.
  4. Ricky Blaze – "Just You & I." This dancehall song is another great mix of reggae and rap to mash up a great dancehall version. It's just the right tempo and sets a very intimate scene.
  5. Elephant Man – "Breed It." This is a fun energetic dancehall song that many people adore, and some people have never heard of it. Dancehall fans always enjoy it, and if you haven't listened to this song yet, give it a try. You'll love it!
  6. Vybz Kartel – "Unfaithful." This song has a very different undertone to it, making this track very special. It's a great sound and plays great in clubs and parties.
  7. Mr. Vegas – "Something About You." Every dancehall fan will enjoy this song. It's an ample amount of reggae with just the right amount of beats and undertones to make you feel like dancing.
  8. Laden – "Never Depend." Another dancehall song that is the best of the best. It's a late-night track to get busy with on the dance floor with your lover, or just a friend. Never underestimate the power of a song.
  9. Kiprich – "Sex Ride." This is another great grinding/dance song to make anyone fall in love with dancehall music. This is a great track for those who might not be so familiar with dancehall music.
  10. Charly Black – "Money Dreama." This is a club hit and it's very underground. Not even many dancehall fans might know this song, but it's a keeper for sure. It's got a beat to match the unique lyrics of this dancehall song.
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