10 Best Date Ideas For 1 Year Anniversary

Big day approaching and need to know the 10 best date ideas for 1 year anniversary? If you’re like most men, you probably haven’t given the day much thought. But your girlfriend has! Don’t disappoint her on this important milestone. Use these 10 best date ideas to make your 1 year anniversary one that she’ll never forget.

  1. Breakfast date in bed. Women love it when men cook for them. Start off the day right by making her a yummy breakfast in bed. You don’t have to make anything super fancy and you don’t have to be a gourmet chef. Homemade waffles with whipped cream and strawberries have that “wow” appeal, without a lot of prep or cook time. Heat up the waffle iron, squeeze some fresh juice and garnish the plate with some powdered sugar.  
  2. Theatre date. If your lady is into performing arts, theatre tickets would make a lovely 1 year anniversary date. Don’t worry about breaking the bank. Most theatres have tickets available in a wide variety of price ranges. Opt for middle of the road seats and throw in a round of drinks afterwards and you’ve got yourself a perfect anniversary date.  
  3. Dinner date. Make reservations at her favorite restaurant. Make sure your waiter knows that you’re celebrating your 1 year anniversary. Women like when men show intuitive and plan everything in advance. Arrange for a seat near a fireplace or by a window with the best view.  
  4. Dancing date. Many women enjoy dancing. If you typically avoiding dancing at all costs, now is your opportunity to surprise her with an anniversary date that’s meaningful to her. Arrange for the two of you to take lessons together, or drop by her favorite hangout for a few hours of bump and grind.  
  5. Picnic date. Buy a nice picnic basket and blanket and hit up the gourmet market for some tasty treats. If she has a favorite sandwich or soup make sure to include that in the day's menu. If you’re a decent cook you could make the food yourself and package it to go. Make sure to include a bottle of wine or bubbly to add to the celebration.  
  6. Camping date. If your lady is the outdoorsy type she might just love a camping date. Dust off that old tent and Coleman stove and pack up the SUV with marshmallows and chocolate bars. A camping night or weekend is a romantic way to spend your anniversary under the stars. Buy a sleeping bag for two if you don’t already have one for extra special snuggling time.  
  7. Bed and Breakfast Weekend date. Book a night at a fancy bed and breakfast a few hours outside town. Arrange for the owner to put rose petals on the bed and have a bottle of champagne chilling for when you arrive. Spend the night relaxing by the fire, or simmering together in the hot tub.  
  8. Concert date. Take your girl to see her favorite band. Make sure to splurge on a t-shirt and CD.  Anniversary dates that create experience and involve doing something together are much more special and memorable. If the Spice Girls rock her world, make an exception to your “No girl bands” concert rule.  
  9. Museum/Gallery date. If your girlfriend is the artsy type you might want to arrange to attend an art gallery or museum. If you can make it to an opening with wine and cheese, even better. Buy her a book or print from her favorite artist from the gift shop. Make sure to sign the first page and make note of your 1st anniversary.  
  10. Fondue date. Nothing is more romantic then sharing a bowl of warm melted chocolate. Head to a local fondue restaurant or make your own at home. You can get a pot relatively inexpensively at a local gourmet shop. Buy fresh fruit and pound cake and spend the night tasting and teasing each other.

Try one of these 10 best date ideas for 1 year anniversary to surprise your girlfriend. She'll be happy with your thoughtfulness and you'll be glad you did.

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