10 Best Day Jobs For Actors

Here are the 10 best day jobs for actors, just in case they want to save that second house by the beach. In these troubled economic times, even some of Hollywood's finest are running low on cash. While acting involves a lot of hard work maybe they can make some time in between script reading and filming to line their wallets with a little more hard earned cash.


  1. A character at Disneyland: Here, the actors can still dress up in costumes and act like someone else during their day job. Bonus points if they are one of the Mickey characters and not a Disney Princess or Prince. If the actor’s head can be covered then they wont have to worry about the Paparazzi finding them.
  2. A politician: A few have already made the connection what with Ronald Reagan and The Govenator. Acting is a lot like lying and being a Politian during the day would be a perfect way for actors to really hone those skills.
  3. Stripper: Most actors and actresses have perfectly toned bodies so why not show them off? Earn a little extra cash and hear the “hey, you look just like that movie star” line all day long.
  4. Paparazzi: Perfect, unparalleled access to the inner lives of fellow celebrities, parties, and behind the scenes on movie sets. They could even go about it Peter Parker style and snap shots of themselves.
  5. Phone sex operator: Faking it is another crucial acting skill be it for a bedroom scene, an emotional crying scene, or just acting like you love someone you can’t stand. An actor who has a day job as a phone sex operator could focus on learning the fine art of faking it.
  6. Drug rehab councilor: A good deal of actors have been on drugs (or are on them currently) so who better to talk to the lesser people about the hindrances of their addictions?
  7. Mannequin: Some actors like Keanu Reeves and Miley Cyrus look really good. But then they talk and the audience cringes and wonders why they had to ruin it by trying to act. Having a day job as a Mannequin would be great for them, all of the benefits of their good looks with none of the bad after taste of disappointment.
  8. Activist: More actors should consider this day job. Masses of people from all over the world already hang on their every word so why not make it a word that could benefit a good cause?
  9. Mascot: This day job combines the attributes of being a Disney character and a phone sex operator. They would get to have their identity masked by a hideously large fake head and jump around like they cared about nothing more in the world that whatever sport they chose to represent.
  10. Infomercial Sales Person: They would get to use some of their best attributes to do this day job, good looks, shiny white teeth, and their legions of fans that would buy even the most ridiculous product because their favorite actor endorsed it.
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