10 Best Day Spas In Los Angeles

Relax and let your cares melt away at the 10 best day spas in Los Angles. The day spas in the City of Angels are a combination of relaxation and social experiment. As you sit there sipping your jasmine tea and enjoying your foot massage, it's not unusual to hear someone in the next room droning on about their big reality show idea–that will probably never happen–or some nervous wanna be starlet, who is trying an uncomfortable new waxing technique that someone on TV recommends. All smashed in between are the weary souls that just want a quiet place to unwind. Most day spas offer a basic menu of services that includes massage, facials and foot care. However some day spas ramp their menus up to include acupuncture, chiropractors and Botox. No matter how big or small the menu, the one thing that all Los Angeles day spas have in common is that they are good places to relax and forget the drama of your day.

  1. Ra Organic Spa – This is a full service day spa that offers up the standard day spa menu of facials, body wraps and massages. Their use of all organic materials is what makes them stand out from the other Los Angeles day spas. We hear that the pear and green apple body wrap feels good and tastes great too.
  2. The Raven – Located just East of Hollywood in hipster friendly Silverlake, this Los Angeles day spa specializes in Thai Massage, facials and waxing. We wonder if these are the folks responsible for maintaining all of those ironic hipster mustaches?
  3. City Club on Bunker Hill – Located just a stone's throw away from skid row in Downtown Los Angels, City Club on Bunker Hill may be the most exclusive Los Angeles day spa outside of the Beverly Hills zip code. It's a members only day spa that offers organized tee-times and box seats at the Staples Center to its members. We tried to contact the club to see what membership would cost, but the answer we got was the polite version of "If you have to ask, then you probably can't afford it".
  4. Massage Therapy Center – Every day spa in Los Angeles has some kind of speciality. Massage Therapy Center is known for their eucalyptus steam rooms. We hear it does wonders for your sinuses.
  5. The Lounge Spa – Most of the day spas in Los Angeles try to focus their energy on creating a tranquil environment. This usually means lots of wood, soft music and fancy decor that looks like it belongs in a museum. Using a combination of contemporary spa fixtures and 1950s flair, The Lounge Spa encourages you to relax without the fear of breaking antiques.
  6. Oh! U Beauty – A Los Angeles day spa that takes the term "full-service" to a whole new level. In addition to offering the usual assortment of facials, massages and waxes, they offer Botox, acupuncture and on-site chiropractors.
  7. Burke Williams – Located at the entrance of the Sunset Strip, this Los Angeles day spa allows you to be pampered like a star.
  8. Leelavadee Thai Wellness Center – Located near LAX, you may want to make this Los Angeles day spa one of your first stops after dealing with the hell that is LAX. They specialize in Thai massage and the age old practice of Ayurveda.
  9. Being in LA – Located in the arts district known as Los Feliz Village, this Los Angeles day spa promises that you will leave their care in a state  of "vibrational bliss." We aren't exactly sure what kind of state that is, but it leaves us frightened and somehow strangely aroused.
  10. Green Bliss Eco Spa – Not only do they use all eco-friendly products, they are also mobile.
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