10 Best Dexter Quotes

Here you have the 10 best "Dexter" quotes. Dexter Morgan is the main character of this hit television show. Dexter seeks to satisfy an inner voice he calls “The Dark Passenger.” He is a sociopathic serial killer who murders others whom he believes have escaped justice. Dexter masterfully tricks most of the people surrounding him into believing he is normal but he must be increasingly careful about reveling his true self. There are some great quotes that come from the characters in this television show, here are ten of the best.

  1. “Not even a year old you're already destroying evidence…and having to flee the scene of the crime.” This quote is from Dexter Morgan himself. It is from episode five, season five.
  2. “Don't you have to have a soul before it's in crisis?” This was quoted from Deb while she was talking to Masuka. This quote was also from episode five, season five.
  3. “I've watched 67 people die, and at the moment of truth I looked into their eyes and I knew – and they knew – they got what they deserved. But what if that's not what happens, if you don't get what you deserve?” This quote came from Dexter Morgan. The episode the quote is featured in is season five, episode one.
  4. "It's strange to have a creation out there, a deeply mutated version of yourself running loose and screwing everything up. I wonder if this is how parents feel?" This quote is from season two, episode twelve. This too, is from Dexter himself.
  5. "He spent his life killing innocent people but he can't kill Bambi?!" This was said by Harry Morgan. The quote is from season four, episode seven
  6. "I dream I'm floating on the surface of my own life, watching it unfold." Said by Dexter Morgan. It’s from season one, episode two.
  7. "There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface." This quote is from Dexter. It is also from season one, episode two
  8. "The backyard barbecue, it's a holdover from the last Ice Age when food was scarce and men had to work together to take down a large beast. Those who worked well with others survived and their genes have been passed down through the centuries until they landed here, in this… my community." Said by Dexter. This quote is featured in the fourth season, episode three.
  9. “I'm just not used to checking the fridge for notes [Voice over]… just notes from other serial killers.” This was said by Dexter in season five, episode three.
  10. “This man is a knight in shining armor. You should be polishing his lance. I meant that metaphoricallynot how it sounded.” This quote came from Masuka. It is from season five, episode three.
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