10 Best Digital Cameras For Beginners

Those of you who have never taken photography all too seriously, and want just a simple, low priced, yet high quality camera need not look any further than the 10 best digital cameras for beginners.

  1. The first top pick for beginners goes to the Olympus Tough 8000. The reason this digital camera is a top pick is because it will last  you for years and years to come. It is advertised as virtually indestructible. It's freeze proof, shock proof, water proof, and will stay intact even if you happen to drop it. It's the perfect camera for beginners, and it takes stunning shots with no effort on your part at all. Priced at around $350.00, it is the perfect introduction digital camera for beginners.
  2. Up next we have the Samsung DualView TL255. This digital camera is really cool for the beginner because it features 2 LCD screens; one on each side of the camera. It's perfect for when you just want to snap a photograph of yourself. The viewable window helps you see how the shot will come out, before even hitting the snap button. It's a foolproof digital camera for beginners, priced at just around $250.00.
  3. The Nikon CoolPix S70 is another great introduction digital camera for beginners. It takes jaw-dropping, high quality photos at 12.1mp, with a nifty high definition quality video camera built right in. We are talking 720p quality, and priced at just under $250.00, it's a perfect first pick for beginners.
  4. Next is the Olympus E-420, which is a great introduction DSLR camera for beginners. The reason it's a nice choice is because the features are all easy to use, and the price of the camera is just under $400.00. It's a great pick for those who want to transition over from point and shoot cameras to DSLR cameras, yet have no knowledge of DSLR. The price includes lenses, flash, and more if bought in a kit.
  5. The Fujifilm S1800 is a really reasonably priced digital camera at $230.00. It has all of the features that a professional photographer would look for, but is priced for beginners. There are 14 different scene modes, making taking a bad photograph close to impossible.
  6. Fujifilm AX200 is a perfect camera for those who want to take great photographs, yet invest as little as possible in doing so. It takes sharp photos at 12mp, and is really cheap at $110.00.
  7. Another camera from Nikon CoolPix is the L110. This is a wonderful camera for beginners because it will deliver high quality photographs with each and every shot. A neat addition though is the 18x Optical zoom, which will allow you to take long distance photographs. It is priced below $250.00.
  8. The Sony Cyber Shot W330 is a perfect digital camera for beginners because it takes picture perfect 14.1mp shots. Best of all though, the camera sells for under $150.00. Not many 14mp cameras can boast such a low price.
  9. Another hot choice for beginners is the Samsung TL110. This digital camera will also deliver stunning 14mp photos, and for just under $200.00, it's a really spectacular choice.
  10. Lastly is the Canon PowerShot SD1200. This digital camera is very durable and will shoot your photos at 10mp. It's priced at just under $150.00 and is perfect for beginners, especially those with children. It's pretty durable, and can withstand child's play.


Digital Cameras, a beginner's guide

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