10 Best Dinosaur Movies

We've put together this list of the 10 Best Dinosaur Movies.  Dinosaur movies have been made since the beginning of the film industry.  The first dinosaur movies were silent films.  Since then there have been hundreds of movies starring these prehistoric creatures; some of these were excellent, and some horrendous. 

  1. "Gojira" (1954) For those of you that don’t know, "Gojira" is the Japanese version of "Godzilla."  Most of you should have seen this coming.  After a dinosaur is exposed to nuclear testing, it is revived and wreaking havoc on Tokyo with its nuclear breath and 164-foot size. This original Japanese version is much better than the heavily edited U.S. versions. This is a truly iconic movie, and the greatest dinosaur movie of all time. 
  2. "Jurassic Park" (1993) Now, some may disagree, but "Jurassic Park" is ranked number two on our list.  However, "Jurassic Park" is one of the most famous dinosaur movies, and for good reason. It is a landmark in CGI.  It is Steven Spielberg’s most successful film, winning three Oscars and currently the thirteenth highest grossing feature film.  
  3. "King Kong" (1933) Although this film focuses on the giant ape and leading woman, the fight scene between King Kong and the T-Rex is undoubtedly one of the best fight scenes in movie history.  There is also a cast of other dinosaurs on Skull Island. 
  4. "The Land that Time Forgot" (1975) We are definitely referring to the 1975 original version here, not the sad 2009 remake.  It’s based on the 1918 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  The movie is about a submarine that comes across the yet undiscovered land of Caprona, where dinosaurs and Neanderthals live.  Many consider this movie better than any recent dinosaur movie. 
  5. "Jurassic Park II: The Lost World" (1997) Based on the 1995 novel "The Lost World" by Michael Crichton, the film picks up four years after the first Jurassic Park.  In the movie, a group of mercenaries seeks to capture dinosaurs and bring them to the mainland.  Thus an expedition is led to prevent this from happening.  Due to extreme circumstances, the two groups team up in order to survive.   This movie also received a range of both good and bad reviews from critics. 
  6. "The Land Before Time" (1988) This adorable animated film should be a staple in any child’s movie repertoire.  In the movie, a group of young dinosaurs go off in search of the Great Valley, an oasis in a devastated land.  There were twelve sequels, merchandise and a televisions series.  It was directed by Don Bluth and executive-produced by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. 
  7. "The Valley of Gwangi" (1969) This western/fantasy was known for its stop-action effects of Ray Harryhausen.  The plot revolves around a cowboy who wants to capture the T-Rex, Gwangi, living in the Forbidden Valley and show him in a Mexican circus.  This movie is very slightly reminiscent of "King Kong."
  8. "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" (1970) This movie was set in a fictional past where human existence coincided with dinosaurs.  Although the special effects are awful by today’s standards, it was nominated for an Oscar for visual effects.  It has an interesting plot that captures you from beginning to end. 
  9.  "Dinosaur" (2000) It seems that most people love it, hate it or forgot about it.  This movie was groundbreaking in combining excellent CGI dinosaurs with live action scenery.  The premise of the plot is an Iguanodon, raised by lemurs, whose home is destroyed by meteorites.  The dinosaur and his lemur family then join a herd of dinosaurs searching for the breeding grounds, while the Iguanodon meets a mate along the way. 
  10. "Ice Age" (2002)  This entertaining Fox Animation Studios film stars Ray Romano, John Leguizamo and Denis Leary.  The plot revolves around a sloth, mammoth and Smilodon attempting to return a baby to its parents.  The movie grossed far more than its most optimistic projection.  There have been two sequels—"Ice Age: The Meltdown" and "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs."
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