10 Best Dirty Rap Songs

The 10 best dirty rap songs that were ever made truly earned there spots on this list. Many rappers today rap about dirty things that most musicians would be afraid to speak about. Many times the things that these rappers say offend many people, but the song goes off to be a number one hit in many cases. The below songs listed are the best dirtiest songs that rappers have ever put out on the market.

  1. "B***job Betty" Too Short was a rapper who was known to be very involved with the ladies. Too short wrote many songs about women who he had experiences with in the past, present, and future. In this particular song Too Short speaks on a women who gives him oral sex and gives her the name Betty.
  2. "Gimmie That Nut" Easy-E was a very dominant rapper in the 90's and surprised many people with the title of this song. This song was generally about a man having a orgasm and him asking a female for it. This provocative song was a hit and before you know it men everywhere were frequently asking girls for a orgasm.
  3. "Who's Ya Daddy" Necro came on as a young rapper and surprised the world with his raw talent. Necro's reasoning behind this song was for females to refer him as their daddy. This quote until this day is very popular, and Necro took it upon himself to take it to a completely different level. Women everywhere begin to call their boyfriends daddy do to the heavy effect that this song had on the world.
  4. "Adults Only" Slick Rick is a rapper that's permitted for adults only, this song that was made by Slick Rick talks about the love that he has for women and sex. Slick Rick states in the song the things that he does with him and his women are for adults only.  Men everywhere were beginning to refer to their love life as a scene for adults only.
  5. "Put it in Your Mouth" Akinyele is a very detailed rapper that takes pride in his music. Akinyele took this song and made it into a sexual song that people all over the world loved. Although this song was made for women from men, women loved it also. Akinyele took his experiences from oral sex and applied it to the song.
  6. "My Neck, My Back" Khia is a female rapper that was not very popular until this song came out on the market. Khia in this song asked a man to lick her neck and her back and whatever else followed. This song was made for women, and women respected Khia for coming out with a song that they could relate to.
  7. "Colt 45" Afro Man rapped about his eastside adventures and how he traveled around the neighborhood with his friends which he considered the Colt 45. This song brought many of friends together and referred to each other as the Colt 45. Afro Men also spoke about his drug addictions in his life and how it effected his lifetstyle.
  8. "How Many Licks" Lil Kim wrote this song with oral sex in mind and compared it to a loli pop. Lil Kim spoke to crowds who were more on the mature level and understood the sexual level that they she coming from. This song as other dirty songs became a hit way before anyone imagined it would.
  9. "Let Me Smell Yo D***" Risky took this song and made it fun for women but a hate for women. Many women often complained about how to tell whether or not their men were cheating. Risky came out with this song and women were inlighted on the answer they had always been searching for.
  10. "Pop That P****" 2 Live Crew brought this song forth with a club overview in mind. Women everywhere were coming up with dances that suited the title of this song best. 2 Live Crew took the title of this song and compared it to sexual things that are done inside of a bedroom.
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