10 Best Disney Movie Characters

The ten best Disney movie characters is a tough list to compile. The Walt Disney company started on October 16, 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney. Since the inception of Disney movies there have been countless characters run through the many films throughout the years. Each Disney character has its own style and charm, even the secondary characters are beloved by Disney fans. Here is a short list of some of the greatest characters in the Disney universe.

  1. Mickey Mouse ("Mickey Mouse"). Since the 1920's Mickey has been the flagship of the Walt Disney company and its merchandise line. Mickey Mouse has starred in dozens of Disney pictures throughout the years. He is one of the ten best Disney movie characters because he is the face of Disney.

  1. Woody ("Toy Story"). The true leader of the toys. Woody brings common sense and careful deliberation to the toys of “Toy Story”. Without him, Buzz Lightyear couldn't be the hero he thinks he is. Woody is one of the ten best Disney movie characters and the most familiar Pixar star in the line up.

  1. Wall-E ("Wall-E"). With little words, Wall-E has stolen our hearts and changed the world of movies. Wall-E has the amazing talent to show emotion through actions. He gets a spot as one of ten best Disney movie characters.

  1. Donald Duck ("Mickey Mouse"). Donald gets our vote as one of the ten best Disney movie characters as the most recognized sidekick and then headliner in the Disney universe. It's hard to understand what he says, but easy to understand why he fits as one of the top Disney characters ever.

  1. Snow White ("Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs"). Snow White has captured the hearts of audiences for over seventy years. She takes care of the Seven Dwarves in a small village and protects them from the evil witch as she is jealous of Snow Whites beauty. Snow White gets a spot in our top ten best Disney movie characters for her timeless beauty.

  1. Sully ("Monsters, Inc."). The lovable Sully makes “Monsters, Inc.” great. The big hairy monster has a soft heart as big as he is tall. Being a slow learner doesn't take away his spot as one of the ten best Disney movie characters of all time.

  1. Buzz Lightyear ("Toy Story"). “To infinity and beyond” he states. Buzz doesn't realize that Woody saves his butt every time he screws up and that seems to be the charm that Buzz oozes. He is one of the ten best Disney movie characters with his arrogance and stupidity.

  1. Mr. Incredible ("The Incredibles"). Once a top level superhero, Mr. Incredible has to get back to his old superhero ways to make money to support his family. Out of shape and tired, he drags his best friend throughout the movie until his family catches up to his sneaky ways. He is determined to succeed and that's what earns him a spot in our top ten best Disney characters.

  1. Princess Jasmine ("Aladdin"). Wishing to live outside the walls of the castle, Princess Jasmine finds herself face to face with Aladdin, the king of scams and helps him fight off the evil Jafar. Princess Jasmine, despite her title, sees the good in everyone, even a beggar and begins a journey that will be remembered forever.

  1. Carl Fredricksen ("UP"). With his gruff exterior and set in his ways style, Mr. Fredrickson, as Russell calls him, becomes a gentle protector to Russell and keeps him from harms way. Carl Fredrickson is one of the ten best Disney movie characters.

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