10 Best Dive Bars in Boston

Unlike in smaller cities, it is not difficult to locate the 10 best dive bars in Boston. There is a certain pride there and the people really know how to throw them back. Unfortunately, no one will call out “Norm!” upon entering, but who cares? We like dirty bathrooms, old farts, and cheap booze. The best dive bars in Boston offer cheap drinks and sour attitudes to match. Bottoms up!


  1. Silhouette Lounge The Silhouette lounge ranks as one of the best dive bars in Boston because this place promises a mix of the old timers and the young ones. They have the requisite jukebox, pool table and for the brave, popcorn. Pitchers are cheap at $7 a pop (let’s hope inflation never touches this place). Oh yeah, they have darts. Silhouette Lounge: 200 Brighton Avenue, Allston, MA 02134. (617) 254-9306.
  2. Croke Park/Whitey's There are no beating drafts for a dollar-fifty in Whitey’s. There are many South Boston tattooed bodies coming through and the pool is free. It is said some come to drink early. There are three-legged races and a microwave to boot.  Bring your snacks from home. Whitey's: 268 West Broadway, Boston, MA 02127. (617) 464-4869.
  3. The Sevens Ale House The Sevens in Beacon Hill maintains an awesome staff, actual pub food, and darts. They do not serve hard liquor, but there are a variety of beers from which to choose. The one unusual thing is the fact that credit cards are accepted. The Sevens Ale House: 77 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114. (617) 523-9074.
  4. Razzy's Looking for the basics of dive bars in Boston?  Come to Razzy’s for the cheap drinks and stay for free popcorn and bad karaoke that everyone will actually listen to. Get there early to avoid lines. Razzy's: 585 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143. (617) 623-9784.
  5. The Tam This place classifies as one of the best dive bars in Boston strictly based on its propensity for bar fights, which you can enjoy along with your ale. The bathroom is dirty, but they make up for it with video games. The Tam: 222 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118. (617) 726-3726.
  6. Cantab Lounge This Central Square bar is just a bit different. The Cantab Lounge regulars come for the booze and stay for the live music. The bands rock! Cantab Lounge: 738 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139. (617) 354-2685.
  7. Sligo Pub Sligo Pub located in Davis Square has a jukebox, but it will not matter much, unless you can get past those that hog it. Just like many of the best dive bars in Boston, they also offer a couple of televisions for game night viewing. Sligo Pub: 237 Elm St, Somerville, MA 02144. (617) 623-9561.
  8. Jacques‎ Cabaret This place is considered a barrel of laughs and for good reason. Jacques is one of the few bars in the Boston area that caters to an eclectic crowd. There is straight and gay mingling alike. It is a good place to throw a party for the ladies, especially when the evening before they tie the knot. The crowd also has a good mix of the old and young. You will definitely want to get the full effect of the live DJ and drag shows. Jacques Cabaret: 79 Broadway, Boston, MA 02116. (617) 426-8902.‎
  9. The Dugout The Dugout is good for those wanting to throw back a few after a hard day at work or school. There are cheap pitchers, games, a flat screen, a jukebox, darts and a pinball machine. Oh yeah, they have…you guessed it, free popcorn. The Dugout: 718 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215. (617) 247-8656.
  10. An Tain An Tain is a total dive. You may get called bad names, but so what when there are dollar drafts, loud music, loud games on the television, and dirty bathrooms. What more do you need? It is strictly for drinking; don’t ever bring a lovely lady. An Tain: 31 India St, Boston, MA 02110. (617) 426-1870.

Sure this is just a few of the best dive bars in Boston and there plenty of places in which to drink, but if you’re looking for a funky attitude, cheap beer, and a lack of manners, go ahead and choose one or all ten.

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