10 Best Documentaries Of All Time

This is a list of the top ten most powerful and significant documentaries of our time.

  1. "Dark Days" (Marc Singer-2001) “Dark Days” is a truthful look into an unappealing abyss of desperation and cruelty. The film takes an in depth look a population of subterranean dwellers beneath the streets of New York City, examining the conditions of their existence as well as the nature of their community. It is a dark, gritty and honest look at a world ignored.  The powerful interviews uncover desperation for normality, as well as those that have conceded to a life shrouded in darkness and danger. Danger that makes for one of the best documentaries of all time.
  2. "Roger and Me" (Michael Moore-1989) The first of many successful documentaries to come from the brilliant and often controversial mind of Michael Moore, “Roger and Me” is a candid look into the collapse of the general motor’s plant in Flint Michigan. The film documents Moore’s journey to seek answers from a indifferent corporation.  It might just be one of the best documentaries of all time.
  3. "Zeitgeist-Addendum" (Peter Joseph-2008) By far one of the most controversial documentaries on this list as well as on film, Addendum is the sequel to the film “Zeitgeist.” The original film that dealt with religion, the collapse of the twin towers, and the federal banking system, put forth theories that challenged every form of traditional thinking on those subjects.  Addendum’s primary focus is that of the banking system alone, a subject deserved of full attention due to its complexity. Making it one of the best film documentaries.
  4. "Darkon" (Luke Meyer-2006) "Darkon" follows a group of people in Baltimore Maryland that are absorbed in a life of fantasy.  The movie follows several characters as they interact and live out their fantasy lives together.  Did somebody just say "Best documentaries of all time?" I think someone did.
  5. "Anvil!-The story of Anvil!" (Sacha Gervasi-2008) A comedic masterpiece if often unintentional, “Anvil!” follows a group of aging heavy metal Canadians as they strive to become the rock stars they believe they should be. The film gives its inspiration in the band mate’s determination and friendship.  If your in the market for one of the best documentaries of all time, pick up "Anvil!"
  6.  "Waltz with Bashir" (Ari Folman-2008) This stunning animated account of the 1982 Lebanon war offers a sobering and violent look into the beauty and horror of that era. Visually striking and hypnotizing, “Waltz” grips you from the opening scene to the films climactic ending, with unflinching integrity, the movie rejects the conformist rules of cinema.  Making it one of the best documentaries of all time.
  7.  "The Corporation" (Joel Bakan-2003) A dissection of the corporate world that shifts all the concepts and ideas we know about it into a new perspective.  “The Corporation” looks at the corporate entity through the eyes of a psychologist.  If your looking for one of the best documentaries of all time, this might just be the best documentary of all time.
  8.  "Kong-A fistful of Quarters" (Seth Gordon-2007) “Kong” chronicles the journey of two men, one obsessed with breaking his depressing streak of failures in life, and one determined to hold on to his legacy.  This conflict is brought to the surface via the classic arcade game “Donkey Kong.” It's one of the best documentaries..
  9. "Grizzly Man" (Werner Herzog -2005) The story of a man who shuns modern society to live amongst Alaskan bears.  A touching and terrifying film of one man’s decent into madness, and his personal revelations derived from nature. The amazing panoramic views, and intense psychological dilemmas the hero is faced with, a good watch if you enjoy one of the best documentaries of all time.
  10. "Man on Wire" (James Marsh-2008) The story of Philip Petit, renowned high wire walker, “Man on Wire” is a moving cinematic accomplishment that will bewilder and amaze.  From humble beginnings as a street performer, to extravagant displays of willpower and courage, “Philip” is nothing short of an astonishing human being, denying the rules of a bland and generic culture, driven to create a boring formulaic world stripped bare of any style or grace.
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