10 Best Dollar Dance Songs

The 10 best dollar dance songs are not tunes played at strip joints when the entertainers collect dollars in G-strings or bikini tops. The dollar dance songs in this article are dance tunes for brides and grooms at weddings as the couple collects money from the guests. Some readers might question the difference since Benjamins are the objective, but the formality and the clothing should signal you're at a wedding and not a strip club. The ten best wedding dollar songs, in no particular order, are:

  1. "Count On Me" by Whitney Houston A subtle message in the title of this song asks guests at the wedding to add some cash to the kitty to help the couple. Implying that the wedding pair can count on the guests is one way to shame guests into giving generously. 
  2. "Congratulations" by Cliff Richard A wedding is all about congratulating the groom and sending good wishes to the bride. This tune by Richard sends both wishes to the couple and signals the audience that they need to dig out their purse or wallet when the first chords of the song are played. 
  3. "Private Dancer" by Tina Turner Aside from being a great tune, Turner's rendition of this song is a best dollar dance song for many weddings. Tina rocks the tune and also the guests for cash. 
  4. "You've Got a Friend" sung by James Taylor The best dollar dance songs typically include the concept of befriending the bride and groom. Even though guests may have brought a styling gift, the pressure to pay implies that a "good" friend would shell out more dough to help pay for the couple's honeymoon trip. 
  5. "All You Need is Love" by the Beatles or Brad Paisley While the tunes are different, both convey the same message: love is the basis of a good marriage. It's odd that this tune has a place of honor as a best dollar dance song since, if love is all you need, the couple shouldn't require any extra money from the guests. 
  6. "For the Love of Money" by the O'Jays This theme of this tune is more appropriate for the theme of the dollar dance song. Money is the motive of the traditional dance. Historians claim a European link and the tradition appears at more weddings in the eastern United States than the west. 
  7. "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack This tune offers best wishes for the couple and a host of things that all couples would want for happiness. The theme of dancing moves the couple around the room to collect their cash booty and perhaps a few checks to boot.
  8. "Material Girl" by Madonna Ms. Material Girl strips all formality from the dollar dance song and simply asks for the bucks. This best dollar dance is good for couples with a sense of humor. 
  9. "Take the Money and Run" by the Steve Miller Band A fine dollar dance tune for couples with a pirate spirit, Steve Miller lays down a rocking dance tune for the wedding pair for a fast spin around the dance floor and through the guest tables. 
  10. "How Mable Get Sable Cha Cha Cha" by David Carbonara This crossover tune covers the strip club and the dollar dance for couples who make no bones about the fact they love the money handed out during the dollar dance. If the donations have been less than forthcoming, put this tune on and have the bride do the "Whatever Lola Wants" with her veil and the groom take off his shirt and several front studs. Wait until your guests have had several drinks and they'll forget they're at a wedding and really open up the wallets. 
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