10 Best Domestic Beers, USA

Beer is a complete subculture in America. We love our beer! There are many imported beers that we love to partake of, from Corona to Amstel. However, we must honor our domestic brews! We've narrowed it down to ten of the best.

  1. Bud Light. This is America's go-to beer. Light and great-tasting, you can never go wrong with Bud Light.

  2. Natural Ice. Good old Natty Ice, for the beer drinker on a budget. The reason it is on this list is not for taste—in actuality it tastes sub-par—but the price alone makes it worth it for a night you can't spend much on drinks.

  3. Pabst Blue Ribbon. A quality beer for the diehard domestic drinker. The taste is similar to malt.

  4. Rolling Rock. Known for its crisp taste, this is another great light beer selection. It is a light-tasting beer that tastes best as cold as possible.

  5. Michelob Ultra. This beer is actually really great because of its low carbohydrate count. If you are concerned about putting on weight drinking this would probably be your best choice. Of course always exercise in moderation.

  6. Miller High Life. The Champagne of Beer! What more could you ask for? It comes in a bottle reminiscent of a bottle of champagne and has a light, brisk taste.

  7. Coors Light. Ranks right up there with Bud Light in popularity. Some would argue that Bud Light is better, but you are welcome to a taste test to decide for yourself! Coors tends to be very watery, so it is safe to say that if you do not feel like drinking serious beer, this is the one for you.

  8. Bud Light Lime. Even though is is still technically Bud Light, it gets its own ranking because the flavors are so different, you cannot place them in the same league. The lime flavor is unbelievable and Bud Light Lime is quite possibly the best domestic beer our there right now.

  9. Busch Beer. While Busch Beer is tasty, Busch is better at making amusement parks! It's a decent, smooth beer that tastes great, accompanied by some buffalo wings.

  10. Michelob Honey Lager. The sweet honey taste of this beer makes it superior.

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