10 Best Don’t Leave Me Songs

Don't look any further, here is a list of the 10 best don't leave me songs.  Sometimes you have to put your heart out there and let your love know how you feel.  Don't be a fool, tell her you love her and don't want her to leave you.

  1.  "Don't Leave Me" by All American Rejects:  This song is about a guy who has a hard time letting go. She is playing games with his heart, but he is clear to let her know he wants her to stay.  He wants to try again to make their love last.
  2. "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" by Chicago:  In this don't leave me song,  the woman tells him they need a little break.  He realizes he went to far and does not want to lose her. He puts his heart out there and begs her not to leave him. 
  3. "Don't Leave" by Greenday:  He feels he is going to go insane; she wants to leave him.  He has suffered being with her, but still doesn't want her to go.
  4. "Please Don't Leave Me" by Pink:  In this don't leave me song, a tough exterior is broken down.  When she admits how bad she treated him and how awful she acted, it is easy to see why someone would walk away, but despite all that she begs, please don't leave her.
  5. "Never Say Never" by The Frey:  This don't leave me song is about a couple with history.  The relationship pulls apart and back together often, but the message is to not give up and not to let go.
  6. "Back Where You Belong" by 38 Special:  In this don't leave me song, he is sorry he let her go and wants her back.  It is hard for a man to show his feelings, but he realizes the love they have is one of a kind and wants her back where she belongs.
  7. "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins:  In this song, it is not clear why he is being left, but the lyrics are strong and convincing of the love he feels.  He loves her and it is painful being without her.
  8. "If I Could Turn Back Time" by Cher:  How many times have you wished you could turn back time when you messed up in a relationship?  This don't leave me song is clear when it comes to being sorry.
  9. "If You Leave Me Now" Chicago:  When you listen to this song, how could you leave.  This don't leave me song is full of love and hope, he makes it very clear he wants her to stay.
  10. "Never Say Goodbye" by Bon Jovi:  This don't leave me song uses memories and having a long history together to convince her to stay.  There is something special about young love that makes it hard to let go.
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