10 Best Doom Metal Bands

Here are the 10 best doom metal bands. Believe it or not, heavy metal can be broken down into numerous sub-genres. Doom metal is one that began in the 80's and is characterized by its slower tempo, denser base, and lyrics about despair and anguish. If you like metal and aren't looking for a pick me up, these bands are for you.

  1. Black Sabbath. You cannot acknowledge doom metal without the band that started it. Although they did not start off in this direction and not all of their songs can be classified as doom metal, listen to "Black Sabbath" the song, and you will find the inspiration for the genre.
  2. Saint Vitus. This Los Angeles band is considered a pioneer of the genre. Many other doom metal artists have joined Saint Vitus over the years. If you want to hear a heavy wall of music that envelops you, take a listen to one of the best doom metal bands.
  3. Cathedral. This English doom metal band is also an influential group in the genre. If you want to hear the slower, heavier stuff stick to their older albums such as "Forest of Equilibrium."
  4. The Obsessed. This Maryland band was around in the 70's, but one of its members, Wino, left to join Saint Vitus.  In the 90's they released "The Obsessed" which was a compilation of their work. Clearly, they are one of the best doom metal bands. 
  5. Grand Magus. This is another great doom metal band from Sweden. Their lyrics will haunt you and the music will surround and crush you. Take a listen to "Iron Will."
  6. Pentagram. Another pioneer of doom metal, "Pentagram" was primarily underground until the 80's.  Listen to "Die in Your Sleep" to get a taste of the greatness of this classic doom metal band.
  7. Against Nature.  Another great doom metal band, "Against Nature" went their separate ways and came back together in 2004 with "Revelation Reunited." They cannot be left off the list of best doom metal bands.
  8. Reverend Bizzare. This doom metal band is from Finland, and was clearly inspired by "Black Sabbath" and "Saint Vitus." Your despair will be infinite when you are done listening.
  9. Senmuth. This is a Doom metal band from Russia. It is a little less well known, but it is just a great in terms of the music and the lyrics.
  10. Count Raven. This is a Swedish doom metal Band. They came unto the scene in the 90's. Listen to "Storm Warning" to get a taste of the final band to make the 10 best doom metal bands list.
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