10 Best Dragon Fighting Games

The 10 best dragon fighting games are difficult to pick out.  Why?  Simply put, dragons are some of the most common enemies in gaming.  They are visual shorthand for a major threat, so it should be no surprise that they have been popping up as long as games have been produced.  Below are ten of the best modern examples of dragon fighting.

  1. "Pokemon" (Series)  This is a monster fighting game, so dragon fighting is to be expected. There are a number of different "dragon type" Pokemon in the game, and most are great additions to a team.  While not the main focus on the game, they are a significant part of the game's universe.
  2. "Dragon Age: Origins"  Dragons are in the title, and dragon fighting is the end goal.  There are three dragon encounters in the game, all of which take a great deal of skill to survive.  Bonus points for the final encounter actually requiring an entire army to take down.
  3. "Lair"  A vastly under-rated PS3 game and one much improved after a significant patch.  You spend a great deal of time flying your dragon against other dragons, and the combat is as intense as one would expect from the makers of Rogue Squadron.  One of the prettiest dragon fighting games available.
  4. "Final Fantasy" (Series)  Bahamut was the original king of RPG dragons, and pops up over and over again as both an enemy and as a summon.  Fighting dragons rarely gets harder than going up against this generally optional boss, but the rewards are worth it.  If there is a fantasy-based "Final Fantasy" game on the horizon, expect to fight this dragon.
  5. "Fable:  The Lost Chapters"  The entirety of this expansion leads up to a fight with a dragon.  Compared to "Fable's" usually lackluster battles, this dragon fighting portion is actually a bit challenging.  Bonus points for the identity of said dragon, which will not be revealed for those that have not yet played this great expansion.
  6. "Shadow of the Colossus"  The entire game is about slaying larger than life creatures, so dragon fighting is almost a given.  Colossi 7, 8, and 13 are all dragon-ish creatures, and present a significant challenge in an already challenging game. They also present a good change of pace from some of the otherwise staid Colossi in the game. 
  7. "The Legend of Spyro"  Yes, it is a cute children's series.  But the final fight against Cynder certain qualifies as dragon fighting.  As a bonus, it is one of the few games in which you can fight as the dragon.
  8. "Monster Hunter" (Series)  It should be no surprise that a game called "Monster Hunter" features dragon fighting.  The dragon in question is Rathalos, and he is harder to take down than most might admit.  With the variety of critters in the game, it says something that one dragon stands above the rest.
  9. "Runescape".  "Runescape" may not technically be just about fighting dragons, but there is at least one great dragon fight in the game.  Taking down Elvarg is a necessity to get certain sorts of armor, and the fight is not all that easy.  While neither the first nor last MMO to have dragons, it is one of the more notable.
  10. "World of Warcraft"  There are many, many enemies in "World of Warcraft".  No matter who the "big bad" of the current expansion is, there is always an endgame dragon encounter.  Be it Onyxia of Nefarion from the original game, Malygos and the Blue Flight from Wrath of the Lich King, or the threat of Deathwing from Cataclysm, dragons are game changers.  As a bonus, players can also capture dragons as flying mounts. 
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