10 Best Drake Rapper Interview Quotes

The 10 best Drake rapper interview quotes reveal a lot about this Canadian superstar. You’ll learn of his childhood, his musical lineage, his humility and how he once rented some wheels to appear richer than he was.

  1. “My name is Aubrey Drake Graham and I am singer, actor, rapper and uh…a young guy from Toronto,” Drake told CNN in 2010. This is one of the best Drake interview quotes for two reasons: it serves as your perfect, succinct interview to the man and he pauses distinctly before calling himself a guy, giving us reason to wonder…
  2. “My uncle is Larry Graham played bass for Prince, my father, Dennis Graham, wrote for Al Green,” serves as a second type of introduction to Drizzy, one that deepens our understanding of him as an artist and musician. Ever wonder how a rapper sings such great hooks? Maybe it has something to do with fact that his dad was writing for Al Green.
  3. “First of all, I’m humbled by everything,” the Young Money all-star told AllHipHop.com. Thing about Drake is whether you think he’s the best thing since sliced bread or the nadir of commercial hip-hop, you can’t argue with the fact the he seems like a genuinely nice, unassuming dude.
  4. “I went to a Jewish school, where nobody understood what it was like to be black and Jewish.” Speaking with "Heeb" magazine, Drake extols the difficulty of growing up caught between two cultures in one of the rapper’s best interview quotes. Now that he’s famous, sources indicate he attends the game group therapy sessions as Lenny Kravitz.
  5. “It’s like…the guy you’d never wanna hear rap in your life. The Canadian Jewish child actor.” On Jimmy Kimmel, Drake dropped one of the top interview quotes of his career when he articulated the feelings of those who both love and loathe him. The brother was in a chair on “Degrassi,” now he’s number one on the pop charts. What the hell?
  6. “I don’t usually set out to do something unless I’m shooting for the moon,” Drizzy told English hip-hop news outlet SB.TV before the release of his first record. Though he had won phenomenal acclaim and achieved marked success before the release of his first record, Drake truly blew up when “Thank Me Later” dropped. How prophetic.
  7. “It was cool for me, you know, cause everybody used to be like ‘Oh man, you’re the furthest thing from hood.’” In this somewhat bizarre and very honest Drake quote from an interview with ABC, Drake explains how fun it was to grow up in an affluent Toronto neighborhood then visit the ghettos of Memphis with his dad and be told how unhood he was.
  8. “I’ve never been dating Rihanna, but I know Rihanna. She’s a great girl.” You know he smashed that! Just after answering the questions regarding Rihanna, Drake blushed, smiled and moved on to the next question.
  9. “In 2010 I’m really hoping I can stay true to this new way of life I’ve committed myself to,” qualifies as one of our best Drake interview quotes because it proves the Drizzy is a man of his word. The year in question bit the dust three months ago and we safely say that Aubrey Graham stayed true to his musical life; whether you’re a fan or now, you gotta appreciate that.
  10. “I leased a Phantom instead of buying one, 'cause I didn't have enough money to buy a Phantom.” This is just awesome. Dude leased a Phantom. Who leases a Phantom? Apparently, a guy with two top ten singles who can’t afford to buy one.  
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