10 Best Drama Comedy Holiday Movies

The 10 best drama comedy holiday movies are the best movies to set the mood for the Christmas season. These holiday movies fit the bill for both genres, and they entertain on lots of levels, inspiring the holiday spirit, faith and hope.

  1. "It's a Wonderful Life" just may be the most famous holiday film that is both funny and romantic. Although it's a tale of a man, George Bailey, who is initially feeling such despair on Christmas Eve that he considers taking his own (not exactly the grounds for a comedy), the story expands into much greater depth and humor once Clarence, the man's guardian angel, is introduced. As he takes George through his life, funny and touching moments make him very thankful that he has such a wonderful life.
  2. "A Mom for Christmas" is a wonderful holiday film that marries humor with drama. It tells the story of Jessica, a little girl who makes a wish in a department store wishing well for a mom for Christmas. Luckily, she gets her wish in the form of a mannequin come to life who arrives to her house that evening. Amy, the mannequin-now-woman, is portrayed brilliantly by Oiivia Newton-John, who displays as much of a comedic talent as she does a musical talent in the film's gorgeous opening credit song, "What If."
  3. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" provides a look at the truth meaning of Christmas. It show how it can be enjoyed without the commercialized aspect of it that is so often the focus. The humor of the Whos is matched only be their heart in the fact of the Grinch's, which is two sizes too small.
  4. "All I Want for Christmas" was a 1991 theatrically released film that is rather timeless. It stars Thora Birch as the little girl who desperately wants her parents to get back together for Christmas. Hallie, portrayed by Thora, and her brother Ethan scheme to get their parents back together in a plan worthy of "The Parent Trap." The idealistic mood of the film delivers a thread of comedy throughout the entire picture. However, the reality of divorce and how it emotionally affects children is also somehow realistically shown.
  5. "It Happened One Christmas" is a drama with threads of comedy throughout. It's a rather unconventional remake of "It's a Wonderful Life." However, a woman, portrayed by Marlo Thomas, stars as the person who is doubting her life on Christmas Eve. It's one of the movies that you'll want to watch every holiday season, right alongside the original.
  6. "One Magic Christmas" is a Christmas movie that was not afraid to look at things realistically. A poor mother who must work as a market cashier as she faces eviction by January 1 is angry at the world. Her pessimism affects her children. Yet, she is given a new perspective and some comic relief from the real Santa Claus. It's a fun movie, if not one great for children.
  7. "Christmas Romance" is another great Christmas movie that marries comedy and drama. Olivia Newton-John stars with her real-life daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, in this holiday treat. The movie was Olivia Newton-John's first return to work after her successful fight against breast cancer, and it's been called her finest on-screen acting performance. It tells the story of a mother with two children who are trying to fight off a nasty banker, who ironically gets his car stuck in the snow and must spend Christmas with them.
  8. "The Holiday" is a great Christmas movie from Nancy Meyers, one of the most successful female directors of all time. Her movies are always lush and beautifully composed and filmed. This movie stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet as two women who switch homes for the holidays, as both need an escape from their own lives. It's both comedic and dramatic throughout the entire movie.
  9. "A Christmas Story" is probably one of the most recognized holiday films. This is true, thanks to 24-hour marathons on Christmas Eve and Christmas and its enduring popularity among those who loved it as a child. It tells the story from the point-of-view of a little boy who is observing his life and family and who really want a B.B. gun for Christmas.
  10. "Home Alone" is a timeless Christmas movie from 1990. It explores the comedic and dramatic goings-on of Kevin, a little boy who was accidentally left home for Christmas by his traveling family. When they realize that their head count was wrong-and that he never made it on the plane-they have difficulty getting back home. Meanwhile, Kevin must celebrate the holidays alone while fending off two robbers who have scoped out his home for the holidays.
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