10 Best Dramatic Movies

Some would argue that the only movies worth watching are ones where most of the scenery explodes; these movies prove them wrong—here are the  top 10 dramatic movies of all time.

  1. “The Shawshank Redemption” Movies based on Stephen King stories tend to be hit or miss. This one is a hit. Morgan Freeman?! C'mon!! Easily one of the best dramas of all time.

  2.  “American Beauty” You’d think a movie about a 40-something going through a midlife crisis wouldn’t be that interesting. You’d be wrong. A carpe diem tale that forgoes all the campiness of many like minded movies, this drama is pure brilliance.

  3. “Crash” Racial tension is a sensitive subject that many are intimidated about discussing. This movie is one of the most frank and unapologetic films dealing with race relations in America. It’s brutally honest and expertly written.

  4. “Forrest Gump” A movie of epic length, but amazing from start to finish. This drama has all the pain, joy, triumph and soul that it needs to earn a place among the top 10.

  5. “A Beautiful Mind” Suspense and drama all rolled into one. Russell Crowe plays John Nash, a genius with a fracturing sanity who tries to live in a world where he can’t tell the real from his own imagination.

  6. “The Pianist” A story set in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. Adrien Brody plays a Jewish refugee who goes into hiding after losing his former life and his family to the Nazi’s.

  7. “Schindler’s List” Another film set in WWII. Oskar Schindler opens a factory in Poland during WWII in an effort to exploit the Jewish population for cheap labor. But, after seeing the realities of what the Jewish people were facing under the Nazi regime, he uses his influence to save as many as he can from the concentration camps.

  8. “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind” A tale that asks a question anyone who has faced loss has asked. Was the joy worth the pain? And, how far would you go to be rid of it?

  9. “American History X” Edward Norton plays a brutal Neo-Nazi who serves time after committing a terrible crime out of hatred. His experiences in prison lead to his redemption, but when he gets out he finds that saving the his loved ones is a trial in itself.

  10. “Pursuit of Happyness” Anyone who has ever thought about giving up sould see this movie. Will Smith is Chris Gardner, a poor man struggling to provide for his son. His situation seems hopeless at best, but his perseverance and devotion to his son pull him through.


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