10 Best Dressed Actors

Curious about the 10 best dressed actors? When it comes to deciding on best dressed male actors, one has to disregard the red carpet and dig a little deeper into the realm of the paparazzi photos. It’s easy to be well dressed when a stylist is there to help, but it's what these actors wear when they think they are safe that sets them apart.

  1. Gerard Butler. This actor's wardrobe seems to be a collection of nicely-fitting solid tees and jackets. He never comes across as sloppy but still manages to look casual.
  2. Johnny Depp. One thing is for sure and that is simply that Johnny’s outfits are never boring. He isn’t afraid to use accessories, especially bracelets and rings. In a business that admires perfectly polished people, Johnny tends to choose clothes that are more on the bohemian side of fashionable.
  3. Shia Labeouf. Here is one polished and perfectly pulled together actor. Shia really knows how to do the suit well, usually pairing it with an interesting tie. His use of vests is another reason he is on the list. Any man who can pull off a vest and not end up looking like he is trying too hard has a gift.
  4. Hugh Jackman. He nails every look he goes for with a laid back air that has to be harder to pull off than it looks. One minute he is in a suit and the next he's in a simple pair of jeans and a tee, and both look equally good. Hugh is all about looking comfortable and casual.
  5. Ryan Reynolds. Like Labeouf, this actor will opt for the occasional vest, and like Johnny he often pairs his polished looks with a hat. Ryan’s style is near perfect in his balance of accessories and casually preppy style choices.
  6. David Beckham. Even with some regrettable former hair choices, David always manages to look perfectly posh. His style is all about designer labels and looking far too pulled together for an athlete.
  7. Justin Timberlake. Most of the other best dressed men on this list have two well-defined styles: casual and formal. Justin melds the two together and wins big doing it. There are plenty of examples of Justin in casual shirts paired with vests or button-downs and ties with leather jackets.
  8. Jude Law. Yet another actor who can pair anything together and look amazing. His style is very preppy, with sweaters and jackets, but he gives the impression that he rolled out of bed into those clothes.
  9. George Clooney. Chances are good that George created the look that this article has been focused on, the best dressed but casual, “oh this old thing?” men’s look. He’s been pairing polo shirts with blazers since way before it was standard to do so. It’s just not possible to do better than George Clooney.
  10. Robert Downey, Jr. Sometimes he makes it a little hard to justify his spot on the best dressed list. One minute he can be wearing some of the most mismatched clothing anyone has ever seen and then pull off some of the best looks just a day after. On his good days, Robert is known for one thing, and that is the beautiful marriage of cartoon tees with blazers. Not everyone can pull this off, but if you can, do so. This pairing helps him be one of those celebrities that men want to hang out with and women want to date.

Ah, the 10 best dressed celebrity men. Women swoon, men envy and they just keep on looking good.

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