10 Best Dressed Athletes

Thinking of athletes, we often picture them in the uniform of the team they play for. But off the playing field, some of them know exactly how to dress for show. No one does it better than these athletes, forming the list of the 10 best dressed athletes.

1. Alex Rodriguez (Baseball). Topping the list of the ten best dressed athletes is one of the best baseball players of all-time: Alex Rodriguez (or “A-Rod”). The man who signed the richest contract in major league baseball is also known for his high-profile fashion sense. Rodriguez is clean-cut and well put-together with his style. Oftentimes he is seen at events dressed formally in a suit and tie, as he is a supporter of Giorgio Armani.  

2. David Beckham (Soccer). David Beckham is next on the list of the ten best dressed athletes, showing his own unique style with his combined European/American look. His outfits seem to compliment his wife’s, matching colors and styles when seen out together. Whether dressed up with a half-buttoned collar shirt under a suit jacket or dressed down in jeans and a body-hugging t-shirt, and let’s not forget his aviator sunglasses, David Beckham always looks good.

3. Dwayne Wade (Basketball). Wade is the one athletes on this list who is most willing to take risks with his fashion. A fan of pinstripe suits, he will sometimes compliment them with a bow tie and glasses. He has his own original style that consists of a variety of hats and bold colors. A fan of Ralph Lauren and Gucci, Dwayne Wade makes sure he stands out in the crowd.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer). Portuguese-born Cristiano Ronaldo, dubbed the world’s best soccer player, earned himself a spot as one of the ten best dressed athletes. While some would argue against his style, Ronaldo brings a simple, yet elegant, look to the table. Like Beckham, Ronaldo is a fan of the open-collared look for a more relaxed style. Simple suits, classic colors, and shades define this soccer player’s style.

5. Tom Brady (Football). Casual or dressed up, Tom Brady knows how to make his style work. When dressed for comfort, he opts for jeans and a casual shirt with a comfy pair of tennis shoes. Dressing for style, Brady chooses sharp, simple suits (and at times a tie) that compliment his boyish good looks. Whether running errands or on the red carpet, Tom Brady is always stylish.

6. Anna Kournikova (Tennis). The only woman athlete on the list, Anna Kournikova is one of the ten best dressed athletes. Her black miniskirts and mini dresses draw attention on the red carpet and at events. She often opts for high heels, which only compliment her style and complete her outfits. She is also one female who can pull off a sexy business suit look. Classic black suits her personality.

7. Terrell Owens (Football). Controversial football player Terrell Owens has a look all his own. He may be egotistical by nature, but the guy has got a sense of style. He has a casual style, often seen in jeans, but he spices it up up top, dressing himself in a button-down collared shirt with a sports coat as the outside layer.

8. Roger Federer (Tennis). Roger Federer may not only be the best tennis player ever, but also the best-dressed tennis player. Federer portrays a casual look with style. He suits up in jeans and compliments them with a preppy school-boy look—a collared shirt under a sweater vest, layered with a simple, yet stylish, sports coat.

9. Kobe Bryant (Basketball). Pinstripe suits, bow ties, and top hats equals Kobe Bryant when he’s attending an event or a night out of the red carpet. And oh how he pulls it off. When he wants to lay low it’s jeans and a sports coat. Either way, Bryant knows how to draw attention with his style.

10. Sidney Crosby (Hockey). Last on the list of the ten best dressed athletes is Olympic gold medalist Sidney Crosby. He’s young, bringing a fresh style for the next generation of fashion. He looks good in anything: three-piece suits, simple/casual suits, jeans and a sweater, even a hockey uniform atop bulky pads.

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