10 Best Dressed NBA Players

It is essentially a league rule that NBA players have to dress nicely, but the 10 best dressed NBA players take it a step further. They wear designer clothes with matching accessories and wouldn't be caught dead in non-designer jeans. These men truly are the 10 best dressed NBA players, and some of the best dressed athletes of any sport.

  1. Dwyane Wade–Miami Heat Dwyane Wade earns a spot as one of the 10 best dressed NBA players simply because he managed to pull of an all denim suit in a commercial. His suits and glasses are always stylish, and the man knows how to rock a sweater vest. You know that if D. Wade is showing up somewhere, he is showing up in style.
  2. Derrick Rose–Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose is somewhat of a pioneer in NBA fashion. He goes for more of a hipster look than many other NBA players, opting for skinny jeans, skinny ties, and track jackets. He manages to pull the look off and secure himself a spot on the 10 best dressed NBA players list, along with an article in "GQ."
  3. Kobe Bryant–Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant will wear a pair of jeans, and complete his outfit with a great shirt and blazer. Simple and classy. It also helps that his jeans probably cost more than most people's rent. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that the man looks good in his clothes and deserves his spot as one of the 10 best dressed NBA players.
  4. LeBron James–Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have a similar style. They both know how to rock jeans with a sweater vest, and both accessorize very well. LeBron James is a standout when it comes to fashion in the NBA
  5. Carmelo Anthony–Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony wears some great suits. What makes Melo stand out amongst other well dressed NBA players is how colorful his suits are and the quality of his sweaters. Melo is not afraid to wear argyle patterns, and any NBA player who enjoys argyle anything and often wears cashmere sweaters is easily one of the 10 best dressed NBA players.
  6. Shaquille O'Neal–Cleveland Cavaliers Shaquille O'Neal is known for being loud and boisterous, but his dress is understated and classy. His suits are always crisp with perfectly matched ties. He looks like a businessman when he shows up for games. A very large businessman. Shaq's simple elegance makes him one of the 10 best dressed NBA players.
  7. Chris Paul–New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul looks just as good in a full suit as he does wearing a scarf and headphones. The range of outfits that Chris Paul manages to pull off is astounding. He can go from classic business attire to trendy casual. One thing is for sure, everybody notices what he has on.
  8. Andrei Kirilenko–Utah Jazz Andrei Kirilenko might be the best dressed man in all of Utah. He and his wife, Masha Lopatova, both enjoy whatever nightlife there is to be found Utah, and as a result Kirilenko has learned how to make his outfits stand out. He has perfected a casual look in extremely expensive clothes. Kirilenko is always ready to party.
  9. Paul Pierce–Boston Celtics Paul Pierce is one of the few players who pulls off the untucked dress shirt look and still looks good. That's not to say he doesn't wear his full suits well, but he looks the best when he has the sweater on over the untucked shirt with a great blazer. Paul Pierce knows how to look refined even when his shirt isn't tucked in.
  10. Baron Davis–Los Angeles Clippers Baron Davis wears some nice suits, but where he makes his mark on NBA fashion is with his casual wear. He always seems to find the best underground clothing companies and get himself some unique threads. When Baron Davis wears something new, others will be wearing it soon, and that is why he is one of the 10 best dressed NBA players.
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