10 Best Drinking Card Games

The 10 best drinking card games can give a party a life of its own. These games, designed for use with alcohol, are for the most part, simple games. Very little need to count, plot or plan is involved in play.

  1. Drown the Clown. Topping the list of best drinking card games is the game that only requires you be able to read the cards in front of you. The game is played by everyone being dealt a card, then flipping it over. Players with the same cards, such as both having Queens, must drink a shot.
  2. Drink Bitch. Next on the list of the best drinking card games comes the game where everyone is guaranteed to get drunk. The dealer places a card in front of the player and one in front of themselves. The difference between the numbers is the amount of shots the player has to drink. If the dealer gets an Ace, the player automatically drinks ten shots.
  3. Up and Down the River. One of the most complicated on the list of best drinking card games, this one involves multiple drinking during each hand. Each player is dealt four cards, including the dealer. Everyone turns over the cards one by one. If a player's first card matches the dealer's first card, he drinks one shot, the second card match equals two shots, etc.
  4. Queens. This group game makes the list of best drinking card games. The dealer begins turning over cards one by one. Each ace turned over equals someone of the dealer's choice drinking. A King equals everyone drinking. A Queen equals all the ladies drinking and a Jack equals all the guys. Individual cards equal the amount of drinks a dealer can choose an individual to drink.
  5. Snap. This games of keeping track of cards is on the list of best drinking card games. The dealer starts turning over cards and stacking them face-up into one pile. When two of the same cards are stacked back to back, the first player to notice grabs the pile and designates someone to drink the number of shots equal to the number on the card.
  6. F.U.B.A.R. Another one on the list of best drinking card games that insures everyone will get to drink. The deck is placed in the center and players take turns picking a card. The number on the card equals the amount they drink. The only exception are Kings. This card gives the player a pass.
  7. High Low. This betting game makes the list of best drinking card games. The player is dealt a card. He bets as to whether the next card in the deck is higher or lower than his card. If he gets it wrong, he has to drink.
  8. Thirty-One. This game similar to Black Jack makes the list of best drinking card games. Players are allowed four cards to get as close to 31 without going over. The loser drinks.
  9. Kings. This twisted games comes in ninth on the list of best drinking card games. Cards are dealt around and around the table until the first King is given. This player picks the liquor for the drink. The second player to get a King picks the mixer and the third has to drink the mixture.
  10. Aces. The last entry on the list of best drinking card games is a simplistic game for those who really like to drink. A player begins turning over cards. With each card that is not an Ace, they have to drink. Their turn continues,with them drinking each time until the finally find an ace.
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