10 Best Drinking Game Gifts

If you need a gift for someone in their twenties, learn about the 10 best drinking game gifts. Drinking games make great gifts that are original and fun. You will be sure to find the perfect gift for your friend or relative if you check out the list of drinking game gifts below.

  1. Naked lady playing cards. Drinking games are always more fun when you play them with a deck of naked lady cards. Naked lady playing cards are a great gift for anyone who likes playing card games. Naked lady playing cards will liven up your next drinking game that involves cards!
  2. "Drunk Definitions" shot glasses set. This set of four shot glasses is ideal for the individual trying to increase his vocabulary for the GRE. These shot glasses have definitions on each shot glass to differentiate between four levels of intoxication. Line up the shot glasses and keep taking shots until you can't successfully read the definition on the glass any longer.
  3. "Poolside Pong" drinking game. This gift idea is ideal for pool parties. If you have ever wanted to play beer pong and go swimming at the same time, "Poolside Pong" can make it happen. "Poolside Pong" is essentially a beer pong table that is inflatable.
  4. "Dare to do it" cards. "Dare to do it" cards are a timeless drinking game gift. These cards are ideal for a bar or large party setting. Each card contains a different dare, such as "swapping an item of clothing with a girl," or "drinking a stranger's drink." The winner is the person who completed the most risky dares.
  5. "Drink Master Says" drinking game. "Drink Master Says" is a great game to give as a gift. It can be played almost anywhere. The first person to get rid of their cards is the winner. Each card contains various dares and drinking rules. It is best to play this drinking game with cheap beer.
  6. "What the F*CK" drinking game. "What the F*CK" is a drinking game that can be played with two or more players. "What the F*CK" poses ridiculous questions, and you have to try to guess how other people will answer. If you guess incorrectly, you have to drink.
  7. "Let's Get F*CKED Up" drinking game. This drinking game is fun and easy to play. It comes with cards, a board and a die. You can play this drinking game with two to six players.
  8. "Wheel of Intoxication" drinking game. This gift combines classic games like "Kings Cup," "A**hole," and "Wheel of Fortune" into one fun drinking game. This drinking game should be played with people you wouldn't mind possibly having to kiss. You should also play this drinking game with beer, otherwise it won't last very long.
  9. "I've Never" drinking game. The "I've Never" drinking game takes the "10 Fingers" game you probably played in high school and combines it with drinking. Additionally, you don't have to think of questions. The questions are already on the cards. If you have done the action listed, you have to drink.
  10. "Drinking Tower" game. If you are getting a gift for someone who likes spending quiet nights at home, the "Drinking Tower" game is the perfect option. This game is similar to "Jenga," but you have to drink. You can play the drinking tower game by yourself or with other people.
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