10 Best Drinking Games With Shots

The 10 best drinking games with shots listed here are for those wishing to use drinking games as an ice-breaker for a social gathering. Take care when choosing the game you want to play. Some of these drinking games with shots are appropriate for any party and some are best with intimate friends only.

  1. Glass Poker– Rather than using hard alcohol, beer is used in this game. The reason for this is the losing hand has to drink the “pot”. Poker is played in the usual manner with the exception of chips. Instead of chips, you bet with shots.
  2. Quarters– Shots are set up in a square in the middle of the table. The goal is to make the quarter land on a shot glass. The object of the game is to bounce a quarter into a shot glass. The person who gets their quarter in gets to choose who takes the shot.
  3. Dice– This is played like Yatzee. You have six dice that are placed into a glass. The dice are placed in a tumble, shook briefly and cast out on the table. The initiating player can use up to three throws to get the best hand possible. If, however, he gets a good “hand” on the first throw, then all players will only get one throw to beat him. The winner gets to designate who takes the shot.
  4. Pass a Shot– Played with dice and three shots for each player, the first player rolls the dice. If a one, two, or a three is rolled, the player does nothing and passes the dice to the next player. If a four is rolled, the player drinks one of the shots in front of him. If a five is rolled the player passes a shot to his right, and if a six is rolled the player passes a shot to his left. Play progresses to the left.
  5. Catchphrase Shots– Pick a word that when said, the speaker has to take a shot if caught.
  6. Never have I ever– Everyone sits in a circle and starting with the designated player everyone takes turns stating a truthful “Never have I ever” done something. After the statement, everyone who HAS done the stated act has to take a shot. At five (or ten) shots that player is “out”. Play continues until all players but one is “out”. Play again.
  7. Beer Pong– This is a favorite drinking game for shots. Shot glasses are lined up and using a ping pong ball, bounce the ball into a glass. The player who gets the shot in designates who has to drink it.
  8. Bullshit–Three to six players sit in a circle. Using an entire deck, the dealer deals out entire deck to the players. The first player to get rid of all his cards wins. Beginning with the aces, the first player lays down the aces he has stating the number of cards. If you do not have the card, you can lie if you think you can get away with it. If caught lying, you will have to take a drink for every card laid down. If someone thinks you are lying, they yell “Bullshit” if you were telling the truth then they will have to take a drink for every card laid down.
  9. Shot Glass Chess– Play as usual, every time a piece is captured; the “captured” player takes a shot.
  10. Shot Glass Checkers– Play as usual. Jumped pieces require a shot for the “jumped” player. Out of the ten best drinking games with shots, this one is the easiest.    



  • If drinking in public, be sure to have a designated driver. Most bars will provide a designated driver with non-alcoholic drinks for free.
  • All car keys should be given to the designated driver at the beginning of the evening to avoid embarrassing anyone.
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