10 Best Drug Documentaries

Find out everything you need to know about drugs with our list of the 10 best drug documentaries. The movies  that made our list of the ten best drug documentaries are simultaneously funny, informative and sometimes out right scary. They tackle drugs and their users from all different directions; taking the point of view of the users, the dealers and the law as they explore the often hazy, but always interesting realms of drug culture.

  1. "The Oxycontin Express" (2009)- Before we ran across this drug documentary, we didn’t know South Florida was the “Columbia of prescription drugs”. It’s an interesting look at the lives of people struggling with prescription drug addiction. 
  2. "The City Addicted to Crystal Meth" (2009)- This one of many documentaries from Louis Theroux; it makes our list of the ten best drug documentaries because of it’s unflinching look at an entire town of meth addicts.
  3. "The 20 Most Dangerous Drugs" (2010)- The BBC documentary made our list of the ten best drug documentaries because it is a perfect combination good intentions and misplaced facts. It throws out all of the right stats, but their random drug rankings are a laugh riot.
  4. "Ecstasy Rising" (2004)- We enjoyed this drug documentary because it showed us that all of the raves we went to in college probably didn’t do permanent damage since we lived through it. 
  5. "The Union: The Business of Getting High" (2007)- This documentary made our list of the ten best drug documentaries because it documents how the pot industry can bring in billions of dollars each year while remaining illegal. 
  6. "Superfly: The True Untold Story of Frank Lucas the American Gangster" (2007)- Before Denzel added his dashing good looks to the big screen adaptation, there was this drug documentary. It’s the story of how Frank Lucas made his way from the back woods of the South to become the drug kingpin that ruled Harlem with an iron fist.
  7. "Mr. Untouchable" (2007)- This makes our list of the ten best drug documentaries because Nicky Barnes' life is something that couldn’t be made up by a room full of Hollywood screen writers  and six monkeys. Nicky Barnes was the only man in Harlem who could match wits with Frank Lucas and he did it all in a killer pair of platform shoes. 
  8. "AKA Tommy Chong" (2006)- This made our list of the best drug documentaries for two reasons: anything with Tommy Chong has to be awesome and it’s laughable to think that the United States government spent millions of dollars to stop a comedian from selling glass pipes online. 
  9. "Cocaine Cowboys" (2006)- We loved the way this drug documentary took the “Miami Vice” legends of 80s TV and put it into prospective. The real Miami of the 80s was wilder than anything that they could have ever managed to put on TV.
  10. "Cocaine Cowboys II" (2007)- This is one of the few times that a sequel equals the greatness of the original. The last of the ten best drug documentaries tells story of Griselda Blanco, the billionaire cocaine queen pin who was the driving force behind the cocaine cowboy wars of 1980s Miami.
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