10 Best Drug Lord Movies

Looking for the best top 10 drug lord movies of all time? Mob movies are great, and mob movies with lots of illegal crime, drugs, guns and action is even better. These movies make you feel like you are living inside the mob, making you feel like a boss, while keeping your hands clean! Entertainment is everything in a movie, and every drug lord movie is a thrill-ride all the way along. This article will provide you will a list of the top ten drug lord movies courtesy of various sources on the web. Enjoy!

  1. "Scarface." If you are looking for drugs, violence, love triangles, guns and mob drama, you need to watch "Scarface." Not only is it the most popular mob movie of all time, but Tony Montana brings you into his world of organized crime.
  2. "Blow." This movie is a depiction of what a mob boss goes through in life. Johnny Depp plays this role well, and not only does this movie go through what this mob boss goes through in his own mind, but his family as well.
  3. "The Usual Suspects." This movie is centered around organized crime, leading to one big bad mob boss, who has everyone else do his dirty work. It's definitely one of the best drug lord movies out there.
  4. "American Gangster." Following the death of this mob boss's employer/mentor, Lucas finds himself establishing himself of a title of his own. It's a story of the growth and rise of an empire and drug lord.
  5. "Once Upon A Time In Mexico." Yet another drug lord movie with Mr. Depp as one of the leading roles. This movie centers around a drug lord trying to overthrow the Mexican government.
  6. "Miami Vice." This is a smart and cool drug lord movie with tons of action in between. This drug lord infiltrates a local mob moving drugs with his side-kick to uncover a group of men responsible for multiple murders.
  7. "The God Father Trilogy." This drug lord movie not only follows the drug lord, but his entire family. In the depiction of this family, you witness the rise and fall of an organized crime empire.
  8. "Goodfellas." Drug lords come a dime a dozen in movies, but none so memorable as this one. This half-Irish, half-Italian drug lord tries to rid himself of a ten year streak with the mob.
  9. "Snatch." While this movie mixes drug lords with organized crime, fighting and many other illegal activities, you find yourself watching the fall of a drug lord while he is under handedly overthrown by someone else.
  10. "Pulp Fiction." This is yet another drug lord movie that is highly underrated. This movie follows two hitmen as they try to meet the needs of their employers. You will watch the organized crime associates fall one by one in this drug lord movie.
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