10 Best Drug Mafia Movies

II you're looking for the 10 best drug mafia movies, then stop your search because they don't get any better than the ones on this list. These top ten mafia masterpieces contain all the right components: drugs, gang wars, sex, prostitution, car chases, explosions, shoot-outs, one-liners, and memorable bad guys. If the ways of Don Corleone and Frank Lucas are too old school for your taste, then perhaps you would prefer the modernized likes of Tony Montana, Nino Brown, or Frank White. The mob leaders of these films are well-varied.

  1. "New Jack City." Wesley Snipes plays Nino Brown, a vicious drug lord who rises to greatness in the slums of New York City. On the other side of the fence is an undercover task force led by Mario Van Peeples who are determined to bring him down. This film is a classic and fine retelling of the 'Scarface' story, albeit in a more nitty-gritty fashion.
  2. "American Gangster." Denzel Washington plays Frank Lucas, the notorious real-life drug lord who enlisted many family members in his drug business and got the merchandise by going directly to the source during the Vietnam war. "American Gangster" showcases a fine depiction of this very true story.
  3. "King of New York." Christopher Walken gives a fine portrayal of Frank White, a mob boss recently released from prison who is hungry for revenge on the streets. "King of New York" is a unique retelling of the "Robin Hood" tale with a fun mafia angle.
  4. "The Godfather." Meet the master of all mafia and drug movies, Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather," a tale that follows Al Pacino as the son to head mobster Marlon Brando. Francis Ford Coppola enlists an awesome cast with excellent direction and a riveting story that is timeless. Based on the book by Mario Puzo.
  5. "The Godfather Part II." Nine times out of ten, sequels usually aren't as satisfying as their original counterpart. That was until "The Godfather Part II" was made, one of the very first sequels to prove this movie curse wrong. Having won an oscar just like the original, the sequel is a two-sided tale that continues the life of Al Pacino's rise to power while taking a look back at where his father came from.
  6. "Scarface." Al Pacino once again stars in one of the most quintessential mafia films since "The Godfather" and its first sequel. "Scarface" chronicles the rise and fall of Tony Montana, an immigrant from Cuba who climbs the ladder of the drug world in Miami. Director Brian De Palma delivers an innovative and violent classic.
  7. "Goodfellas." Directed by Martin Scorcese, "Goodfellas" chronicles the true life story of Henry Hill. Played by Ray Liotta, Hill becomes immersed into the dangerous mafia life but ends up succumbing to a government informant in the long run. Scorcese packs the film with a multi-dimensional cast of characters and a real life insight into the actual mafia life.
  8. "Road to Perdition." Tom Hanks stars in one of the best mob stories of the 2000's. "Road to Perdition" follows Mike Sullivan, a hitman who finds himself on the run when his son is witness to a murder. Now he must protect his son while enacting revenge on those who did him wrong. Jude Law also delivers a fine performance as the htiman who's hired to hunt Sullivan.
  9. "Donnie Brasco." The true life story of FBI agent Joe Pistone who is hired to infiltrate New York City's mob ring. In the process, he finds himself forming a tight bond with Lefty Ruggiero and thus causing complications with his FBI assignment. Pistone finds himself caught in between a rock and a hard wall as he ponders whether or not to betray his newfound friend.
  10. "The Departed." Set in South Boston, Martin Scorcese's "The Departed" is an amazing tale that depicts an interesting 'love triangle' of sorts between the mafia and the police. Martin Sheen hires ex-con Leonardo DiCaprio to infiltrate Jack Nicholson's mob ring. Meanwhile, Jack Nicholson enlists his right hand man, Matt Damon, to infiltrate the cops. This is one the top mob movies where the line between cops and gangsters becomes blurred.  
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