10 Best Drug Movies

If you wanted to know what the 10 best drug movies are then look no further.  These movies are heavy hitters in the genre.

  1. “Requiem For a Dream” Darren Aranofsky’s masterpiece about the many faces of drug addiction is a disturbing but powerful film. The movie follows the lives of four addicts and their spiraling downward progression as their addictions tear their lives and relationships apart. Not for the faint of heart, this movie can be brutal to watch at times.
  2. “Blow”- Based on the life of drug lord George Jung, the man who started the American cocaine market in the 1970s, this movie is not to be missed.  After watching his father fail as a businessman, George vows not to follow in his footsteps. His plan for success is to become a drug dealer, starting with marijuana. After he’s caught and sent to jail, he learns about cocaine, and once he’s out he brings it to the United States, building a fortune for himself and his family. Unfortunately for George, his criminal lifestyle catches up with him, and his losses force him to face what really matters in life. 
  3.  “Scarface”- A classic by any standards and a movie everyone should see. Al Pacino plays Tony Montana, an ambitious immigrant who takes over the drug cartel in Miami before his greed gets the better of him. This movie’s famous ending has produced one of the most famous lines in movie history, “Say hello to my little friend!”
  4. “Trainspotting”- Following the life of heroine addict Mark Renton, this movie is another powerful drama about the terrible costs of addiction. Much like the other movies on this top 10 list, the film is full of grim moments and dire realizations, but ends on a brighter note than many of the others.
  5. “Pulp Fiction”- Quentin Tarantino’s dark and humorous view into the lives of several criminals is simply an amazing movie. Tarantino’s dialogue is masterfully written, and the intertwining story lines are expertly paced.
  6. “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”- A movie based on Hunter S. Thompson’s book of the same name, this movie follows a journalist and his attorney. Toting a trunk full of psychedelics, the pair of addicts drive through the West in search of “The American Dream.”
  7. “A Scanner Darkly”- This science fiction movie directed by Richard Linklater is a twisted look at a dark future where a powerful drug called Substance D is on the loose. An undercover cop trying to track the drug becomes addicted and quickly begins his descent into paranoia and a splitting identity. This movie is pretty easy to get lost in, but well worth the time.
  8. “Pineapple Express”­– Though not as grim as the other choices on the list, this Seth Rogan movie is still deserving of its place. When a pothead process server witnesses a murder he finds himself and his dealer are the next targets. It’s funny, it’s violent, and it’s full of weed.
  9.  “Training Day”- Ethan Hawk plays a rookie narcotics officer in for a very intense first day on the job. Denzel Washington is his corrupt mentor who tries to recruit Hawk into his twisted scheme of greed, murder and deception. There’s action, drama and suspense rolled into one incredible film that easily lands in the top 10 drug movies.
  10. “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”- With almost every other movie on the list showing us the dark and gritty side of drug dealing and addiction, this movie takes the time to show us the flip side of the coin. Sometimes it’s best to just sit back with some green and chill out. When Harold and Kumar get the munchies after smoking they embark upon what turns out to be an epic quest for some burgers. Neil Patrick Harris shows up, and that alone is enough to put this movie on the list.
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