10 Best Drum And Bass Songs

From its roots in black-British culture of the mid-90s to its worldwide popularity today drum and bass has evolved as a genre and had a great influence over all styles of music, which is why we’ve created a list of the 10 best drum and bass songs.

  1. Aphrodite – "Stalker". Taking the top spot on our list of the best drum and bass songs ever: Aphrodite’s seminal classic “Stalker”. Made famous in the clubs of Britain and immortalized in the cult independent movie “Human Traffic”, the song has spent a decade lauding over all its competitors in the field of basses and drums. So flawless is it in its use of squelchy bass and rugged drums that its greatness is unlikely to be seen again. Perfect.
  2. DJ SS – "We Came To Entertain (Sub Zero Remix)". The kind of song you don’t want your neighbors to play on their loud speakers. Sub Zero will always be accountable for his role in creating potentially the most piercingly loud drum and bass songs of all time.
  3. Goldie – "Innercity Life". Widely hailed as the master of drum and bass, Goldie is a British producer who has been responsible for some of the most meaningful and exciting sounds in the last twenty years of dance music. With beautiful vocals, beautiful synths, and a wonderfully abrasive collection of drum loops Goldie managed to create one of the greatest tunes of all time.
  4. Ed Rush & Optical – "Chub Rub". After remaining dormant for a few years many suspected Ed Rush and Optical had lost their magic touch. Thankfully the duo came back from the dead to silence their critics with an ear-destroying piece of epic proportions. Listen to this beast a few times and you’ll understand why it was named “chub rub”.
  5. Noisia & Foreign Beggars – "Contact (DNB Remix)". A collaboration between drum and bass producers and British rappers. After Noisia (the Dutch drum and bass trio) completed a commercially successful song with Foreign Beggars (a British rap group) they immediately set about creating a purely drum and bass remix, which is why we’ve ended up with this absolutely amazing tune!
  6. Rob & Goldie – "The Shadow (Process Mix)". When a drum and bass song takes over six minutes to drop you know you’ve got something special on your hands. With all the airy pads and sound effects the tune has become a firm favourite among drum and bass’ artistic elite. With that said, the drums still pack enough of a punch to entice even the most prudish to the dance floor.
  7. Omni Trio – "Renegade Snares". An early tune from an era when producers would fight to be as experimental and rugged as possible. This song almost disappeared from the radar in the early 2000s, but recently saw a rise in popularity after being included on the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories’ soundtrack. The tribal drums mixed with a light piano motif make for a very interesting and introspective piece of drum and bass history.
  8. Rollz – "Plugged In". A truly great recent release that isn’t afraid to be melodic and rhythmic in equal measures. “Plugged In” is an excellent example of how drum and bass songs are evolving from simple audio loops to intricately designed synth-fests layered with reverberating drums and well-timed sound effects.
  9. Chase & Status – "Pieces (Ft. Plan B)". After teaming up with British rapper Plan B, Chase & Status went on to release this commercially successful banger! The ethereal intro of acoustic guitar strumming coupled with soft singing perfectly contrasts the energetic bass drop and harsh vocals of Plan B; one of those drum and bass songs that makes you feel emotional and ready to dance.
  10. Mampi Swift – "Jaws". A true paragon of old school drum and bass, what this song lacks in complexity it makes up for with a powerful drum loop and a precisely engineered bass line that carries the tune along without distracting dancers from the rhythm. Minimal drum and bass songs like this were produced at breakneck speed in the 90s, but “Jaws” has stood the test of time to become a true classic.
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