10 Best Dye Paintball Markers

Looking for the 10 best dye paintball markers should be a pleasure, not a chore. On the tactical field or a tournament, you want the best available so you stand out as a champion, not a chump. How embarrassing to buy a dye paintball marker, only to have jammed when faced with a competitor whose gun doesn’t?

  1. Introducing the Tippmann X7 Phenom. Featuring an electronic trigger, virtually no recoil, and an almost unlimited ability to customize, this dye paintball marker is worth every penny.
  2. For snipers, try the Tippman A5 Sniper Package with Flex-Air System. The sniper barrel, offset mount and flex-air system in this dye marker means you’ll hit your target undetected. Score for your team or yourself without getting caught.
  3. Choose the 2010 NT Paintball Gun from Shop Dye. This marker is the lightest in its class, meaning you’ll never wear yourself out running from cover to cover. A free loader is included with this dye marker.
  4. Find the DM 11 Warrior Series – Barbarian. Paintball gun fun at its best. The two-piece, ultra light barrel .688 bore allows maximum control and targeting of your prey- pardon me, your competitors.
  5. The Dye Precision DM10 Paintball Marker. This is one of the lightest, fastest, and most accurate dye paintball markers in the world. At 1.9 pounds, you’ll feel like you’re not carrying anything at all.
  6. Try the 2009 Proto Dye SLG Paintball Marker Gun. Affordable for beginners and pros, this dye marker will produce 1500 shots from a 68/4500 N2 bottle. You’ll hit your opponent even when you’re running with this marker.
  7. Go for the Planet Eclipse Ego 10 Paintball Gun. This electronic paintball marker is one of the best on the tournament and tactical fields. It even comes with a 12-month warranty.
  8. The Valken V-Tac SW1 Paintball Marker. Small but accurate, this dye marker uses both compressed air and CO2 cartridges. Never run out on the field. The modular design allows easy upgrades.
  9. The Spyder MR4. This short but accurate semi-auto dye marker rifle is tops in its field. Adjust the velocity to match your field conditions and take the competition out.
  10. Buy the Invert Mini. This 1.99 pound marker has no hoses at all to clog, come undone, or get caught on anything. Using only a 9- volt battery, the circuit board virtually eliminates any problems.
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